June 23, 2008

Radware’s APSolute Immunity(TM) Provides Networks With Ability to Fight Emerging Threats

MAHWAH, New Jersey, June 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Radware , the leading provider of integrated application delivery solutions for business-smart networking, today introduced its APSolute Immunity security initiative, a new strategic approach that maintains business continuity by protecting the applications infrastructure against existing and emerging network based threats that cannot be detected by traditional IPS such as: application misuse threats, SSL attacks and VoIP service mis-use. Coupled with Radware's DefensePro security solution, this umbrella security strategy allows organizations to move beyond static intrusion prevention systems (IPS) by mitigating attacks that use legitimate application services for malicious activity.

Radware's APSolute Immunity strategy reflects the human immune system's ability to combat a myriad of known and unknown diseases, often without the need of vaccinations, by providing "immunity" against known and unknown vulnerabilities that seek to compromise the health of the application infrastructure. This is vital in ensuring real-time protection against many of today's targeted financially motivated attacks that require more than simple, signature-based detection - including non-vulnerability based threats that misappropriate the use of an application without exploiting any software flaw in its design. Examples of such threats include phishing, brute force, network and application flooding as well as network and application scanning. These threats behave like legitimate user transactions and cannot be detected through a standard signature-based IPS.

"Hackers no longer receive thrills from just hacking into an IT system. Today, concentrating on financial gain, they have added non-vulnerability threats to their arsenal, making detection almost impossible. Radware is currently the only provider to have an IPS solution that uses real-time signatures relying on behavioral analysis technology for identifying and blocking these new types of attacks," stated Rob Ayoub, Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

With today's introduction of the APSolute Immunity initiative, Radware also offers an upgraded DefensePro solution, version 4.10. This enhanced offering provides greater network visibility, generating detailed reports as to the nature of a network threat or attack, and drawing on client behavioral, network-behavioral and server-behavioral analysis to solve the "lag" associated with non-vulnerability and zero-minute attacks. DefensePro incorporates vulnerability-based IPS features with adaptive behavioral-based IPS that support automatic real-time attack signature generation, to maintain critical application availability when under non vulnerability-based or zero-minute attack by blocking attack traffic without blocking legitimate user traffic.

"Our enhanced APSolute Immunity security approach identifies Layer-7 server resource misuse, abnormal user activity and can block abnormal users' access to the specific server resources such as web pages or service login under attack," said Avi Chesla, Vice-President of Security, Radware Ltd. "This ensures the detection and prevention of attacks that misuse applications while maintaining uninterrupted legitimate user access during attack time".

"Combined with the release of the new DefensePro version 4.10, IT managers and CSOs are provided with behavioral driven real-time signature technology and advanced intelligence into normal and abnormal network behavior with full, real-time visibility into detailed attack signature and attack information. This is critical to ensure greater network, organization and end-user protection against emerging threats," Chesla continued.

Additionally, under the APSolute Immunity umbrella strategy, Radware offers organizations the opportunity to greatly reduce operation expenditures, by offering seamless integration of its transparent security solutions into the network environment by requiring zero modifications to network settings. Further organizational value is achieved through the strategy's "hands-off" approach as APSolute Immunity is self-learning and self-protecting, requiring no human intervention while the network is under attack, and no need for advanced configuration and tuning.

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