June 24, 2008

KABEL-X USA to Exhibit Award-Winning Cable Conversion Technology at 2008 Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA, June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Kabel-X USA, an award-winning fiber optic cable conversion company, will exhibit its innovative technology at the 2008 Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia June 25-27.

This unique and patented cable conversion method employed by Kabel-X USA is a proven process that has been used in over 120 countries in the last four years, and is improving Internet connection times through fiber optic cable conversion for customers across the globe.

By using the currently deployed Coaxial cable shield as an empty conduit, Kabel-X(TM) technology expedites installation time, and minimizes costs and overall inconvenience, enabling cable providers to more quickly offer their consumers a state-of-the-art network to improve their Internet connection times. The outdated coaxial cable core that is currently deployed is replaced with higher bandwidth fiber optic cable through a re-coring process that provides a faster, more convenient alternative to traditional cable conversion techniques. The process operates at conversion rates of up to 500 feet in 35 minutes and is one of the most significant fiber conversion methods in use to date.

"At a time when people are unwilling to settle for mediocre services, Kabel-X(TM) technology makes it a priority to provide the fastest, most efficient and minimally disruptive cable conversion process for our customers," said Darin Clause, executive vice president for Kabel-X USA. "We believe that our technology is raising the bar for the CATV industry and we are delighted to share it at the Cable-Tec Expo."

For more information about Kabel-X USA or its technology, please visit http://www.kabelxusa.com/ .

About Kabel-X USA LLC

The Kabel-X(TM) process provides a streamlined solution where dated telecommunications copper conductors are removed and replaced with faster, higher bandwidth fiber optic cable. As an integrated process that takes place within the existing legacy network, cable conversion is achieved in less time, with fewer crew members and does not disrupt neighborhoods, communities, infrastructure and more. Copper cable conversion is no longer a vision of the future - Kabel-X USA is accelerating fiber conversion today. For more information about the company, visit http://www.kabelxusa.com/ .

About SCTE

The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) is a non-profit professional association that provides technical leadership for the telecommunications industry and serves its members through professional development, standards, certification and information. SCTE currently has more than 14,000 members from the U.S. and 70 countries worldwide and offers a variety of programs and services for the industry's educational benefit. SCTE has 68 chapters and meeting groups and more than 3,000 employees of the cable telecommunications industry hold SCTE technical certifications. SCTE is an ANSI-accredited standards development organization. Visit SCTE online at http://www.scte.org/ .


CONTACT: Stephanie Jones, +1-803-233-2432, [email protected], forKabel-X USA, or Darin Clause of Kabel-X USA, +1-786-925-5082,[email protected]

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