June 24, 2008

Atlantix Global Systems Joins Dell’s PartnerDirect Program

Atlantix Global Systems, a leading privately-held technology asset recovery company, today announced it has joined Dell's PartnerDirect program as a Registered Dell Partner.

Built on three main tenets of simplifying IT, less complexity, and the advantages offered by the Dell business model, PartnerDirect will create a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between Dell and Atlantix.

"PartnerDirect is designed to provide companies like Atlantix with the opportunity to utilize Dell's enterprise expertise while also helping us to evolve our culture," said Greg Davis, Dell vice president and general manager of Americas Channel Group. "Allowing our partners to utilize many of the features that we provide to end users to help make their companies more efficient, PartnerDirect relationships also help us to create an environment where our teams are out winning on behalf of Dell."

Over the past year, Atlantix has been passionate about capturing market share in the IT industry. Atlantix views its participation in and commitment to Dell's Partner Direct program as a testament to their future potential.

"We are pleased with the progress we are making in achieving our goals for 2008 and the decision to add Dell to our partner list has helped us get there," said Brian Glahn, senior vice president, Atlantix Global Systems. "As a Dell partner, our management team has created a plan that positions us as a leader in the IT life cycle management process. We are pleased to see the fruit it has produced."

Through PartnerDirect, Dell is formalizing existing initiatives to help partners like Atlantix increase profitability and deliver greater value and choice to their customers. In December 2007, Dell launched a dedicated partner online community to broaden conversations about how Dell can best meet the needs of its partners and work with them to simplify information technology for their customers.

Based on feedback from thousands of solution providers, features developed as part of the PartnerDirect program include:

-- Access to a dedicated partner Web site at www.dell.com/partner;

-- Partner logos and guidelines for certain marketing activities;

-- Dedicated sales and customer care

-- Certification paths and training;

-- Range of financing options; and,

-- Deal registration serviced by SalesForce.com's partner relationship management tool.

Organizations interested in Dell's PartnerDirect program can learn more by visiting www.dell.com./partner.

About Atlantix Global Systems

Atlantix Global Systems prides itself in being a global leader in the new and used IT marketplace for more than 31 years. Atlantix Global Systems' hardware solutions are built to meet current manufacturers' specifications. The company specializes in Cisco, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Sun Microsystems and a variety of storage and telecom solutions. Atlantix Service offerings include rentals, leasing, professional services, asset recovery, and customized consignment, warranty, and maintenance options. Atlantix Global Systems combines hardware and services to help provide their more than 10,000 customers with a full life cycle management process that enables them to save time and maximize their ROI.

About Dell

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