June 24, 2008

DNSstuff.Com Launches DNSalert 2.0 Service Offering Powerful, Customizable Domain Monitoring Delivered to Your Desktop

NEWBURYPORT, Mass., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- DNSstuff.com (http://www.dnsstuff.com/) today announced DNSalert 2.0, the latest version of DNSalert services with enhanced customization and power. This new offering is the first in DNSstuff's strategy to build on core technology to more proactively help IT professionals with up-to-the-minute monitoring and insight into their domain.

A user survey by DNSstuff.com shows that the Domain Name System (DNS) settings for nearly 70 percent of active domains are improperly configured. Today there are 130 million active domains on the web. This means more than 90 million sites could have incorrect domain settings and are at risk of site outages or improperly routed email, either of which can negatively impact a company's brand and finances.

DNSstuff helps you quickly identify critical issues with your domain that may be contributing to email, web or connectivity problems. DNSstuff.com's DNSalert service, based on its DNSreport technology, runs 55 tests against your domain and mail servers and sends alert notifications when an issue is identified. DNSalerts provide a fast path towards resolution by offering comprehensive resolution instructions and IETF RFC-compliant mitigation steps.

"Reacting quickly to DNS problems is critical to our business," said Chris Harris, Email Services Expert at Blackbaud. "We track our DNS very closely to verify changes, diagnose issues and ensure uptime for our clients. DNSstuff.com's alerting service is a great tool for proactively monitoring DNS 24x7. We don't want surprises when it comes to domain security."

Around the Clock DNS Monitoring Made Easy

DNS monitoring is made simple with powerful, flexible controls allowing customers to configure and customize alerts based on desired sensitivity level.

   --  Alert on only warning or fail states   --  Enable or disable alerting at a DNSreport sub-test level   --  Disable alert email notification for particular tests   --  Apply mass updates to all your DNSalerts   --  Specify email type (short text or HTML)    

"Our customers trust us to properly monitor their DNS," said Paul D. Parisi, CTO of DNSstuff.com. "Our sophisticated alert setup allows them to fine tune their DNSalert sensitivity to their comfort level. In addition, we offer clear mitigation steps to help resolve their issues. Our goal is to provide third-party validation for proper DNS configuration, and as a trusted extension to their IT team."

About DNSstuff.com

DNSstuff helps you configure, monitor and resolve email, internet and connectivity issues. These on-demand tools and alerts services reduce downtime and minimize domain vulnerability. DNSstuff solutions combine the effectiveness of command line tools with the efficiency of point tools. DNSstuff.com users are a uniquely large, knowledgeable and trusted community of IT professionals, and its resources are featured in several authoritative books on the Internet which can be found at http://www.dnsstuff.com/.


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