June 24, 2008

ActionPacked! Networks Announces Release of LiveAction Professional Edition Software for Managing Cisco Routers

ORLANDO, Fla., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- ActionPacked! Networks, a developer of expert systems for managing Cisco devices, today announced the release of the professional edition of its LiveAction software created specifically for individual IT engineers. The software combines a highly interactive graphical interface with an extensive device knowledge base that enables users to achieve expert level control of Cisco routers within minutes regardless of their experience.

"Users of Cisco routers and switches who struggle to use the command line interface will be pleasantly surprised with LiveAction software," said Ken Presti, president of Presti Research and Consulting. "This software is a wonderful complement to Cisco equipment because of its built-in device knowledge. LiveAction unlocks powerful features embedded deep inside Cisco routers and makes them easily and instantly accessible."

According to Nelson Kanemoto, co-founder of ActionPacked! Networks, the new professional edition will include many of the capabilities of the company's full-featured consultant edition at a significantly lower price. "We want to make the benefits of our software accessible to every engineer who wants to manage Cisco QoS and NetFlow on their networks," Kanemoto said. "By empowering engineers to perform faster and at much more advanced levels, they can become a tremendous asset for IT departments; especially those faced with fixed budgets and limited hiring options."

Now a commercial product, LiveAction software was originally developed to radically simplify QoS configuration for the United States Marines and reduce the manpower needed to manage their mobile tactical networks by two thirds. The software proved to be invaluable during multi-national exercises in the Pacific Rim earlier this month when a two megabit leased line used for video conferencing went down. "Our network automatically switched the video over to a 512K satellite link," said Erasmo Hernandez Jr., a senior civilian network engineer for the Marine Corps. "Because we knew this had the potential to degrade video quality, we used LiveAction to carefully monitor the traffic in real time to ensure our video had continuous bandwidth."

The LiveAction professional edition supports control of three Cisco routers and is being made available for direct online purchase from the ActionPacked! web site. The consultant edition supports control of 25 Cisco routers and switches and is currently available to consultants, Value Added Resellers and enterprise users. The consultant edition also supports more advanced features such as historical reporting and Cisco QoS configuration with hierarchical policy creation and editing that is entirely GUI based.

Both editions use live polling of network devices to display real-time visualizations at the system topology, device, and individual interface levels.

About ActionPacked! Networks

ActionPacked! Networks is a Honolulu-based company that develops expert software systems that enable IT engineers to design, configure, and troubleshoot Cisco networks with extreme speed, ease and confidence. The company's LiveAction software provides a totally new and nearly effortless approach for managing Cisco devices. It consists of a highly scalable software framework and modules for QoS monitoring, QoS configuration, NetFlow and other technologies. LiveAction combines a powerful graphical user interface with built-in knowledge of each device's features and functions (and even idiosyncrasies) to enable real-time device control over live networks. For more information, visit http://www.actionpacked.com/.

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