June 24, 2008

Rackable Systems Introduces New Extreme Efficiency (“XE”) Server Solutions

New Systems Designed for High-Performance, High-Efficiency Cloud Computing Deliver 96.5 Percent1 Power Efficiency and Up to 21 CPU Cores Per 1U

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Rackable Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:RACK), a leading provider of servers and storage products for large-scale data centers, today announced the introduction of five new extreme efficiency high- density server solutions optimized for Internet, cloud computing and HPC environments. The new designs deliver up to twice the density of existing Rackable Systems servers and set a new benchmark in energy efficiency.

"The industry is currently experiencing a wave of large-scale data center build-outs. Web 2.0, cloud computing, Internet and high performance computing are driving the growth in the server market," said Jed Scaramella, senior research analyst at IDC. "Rackable Systems, who were among the first movers in this segment, is enhancing its market position by launching a new generation of servers that deliver compelling value in power efficiency and density, whether deployed in traditional 'brick-and-mortar' or leading-edge ICE Cube(TM) modular data centers."

The new rack-mount designs combine multiple server boards per enclosure with Rackable Systems' high-efficiency power technology to create the company's most Eco-Logical(TM) systems to date. The systems support AMD and Intel processors and are optimized for use in both traditional data centers and in Rackable Systems' modular data center, the ICE Cube. The XE2208 system is Rackable Systems' first server to have been specifically optimized for the ICE Cube, doubling the maximum container density to 22,400 cores.

"AMD and Rackable Systems have long been a combined force in directly addressing the pressing power concerns in the server market," said Pat Patla, general manager and director, Server and Workstation Division, AMD. "By leveraging AMD Opteron(TM) processors, Rackable Systems' server designs can help achieve significant performance, power savings and energy efficiency."

In conjunction with the new rack-mount designs, Rackable Systems also announced Scale Out Blade ST2000, a new higher density implementation of its hybrid blade solution, designed around the Intel(R) 5100 San Clemente chipset. With twelve two-way, quad-core server modules per 9U and up to 4 TB of local storage per server, the ST2000 offers extreme density without compromising many customers' high I/O and storage capacity requirements. The ST2000 provides all the benefits of traditional proprietary blades, but is based on open standards.

"Intel is pleased to work closely with Rackable Systems on the introduction of their next generation high-density servers using Intel's second generation quad-core Xeon(R) processor, based on the hafnium-infused 45nm Hi-K technology," said Jason Waxman, general manager of High Density Computing, Intel Server Platforms Group. "In support of Rackable Systems' focus on cloud computing, we are delivering Intel technology that is ideal for the leading performance, power efficiency and density needed by the world's largest datacenter customers."

"The rising costs of energy and data center facilities continue to put pressure on the industry to fit more compute and storage capacity into a data center," said Mark J. Barrenechea, president and CEO of Rackable Systems. "We have been committed to doubling our density, delivering the highest efficiency possible, engineering solutions for cloud computing and high performance workloads, and with our new XE Solutions, we are delivering on those commitments."

New models at a glance:

-- XE2004-SC1: 2U, half-depth, back-to-back compatible form factor, with two dual socket Intel 5100 chipset boards and four hot- swap 3.5" drives for up to 16 cores/U and 4 TB/U.

-- XE2006-SC1: 2U, half-depth, back-to-back compatible form factor, with two dual socket Intel 5100 chipset boards and six hot- swap 3.5" drives for up to 16 cores/U and 6 TB/U.

-- XE2006-F1: 2U, half-depth back-to-back compatible form factor, with two dual socket AMD Opteron boards and six hot-swap 3.5" drives for up to 16 cores/U and 6 TB/U.

-- XE2208-SC1: optimized specifically for ICE Cube modular data centers, this 2U server delivers four dual socket Intel 5100 boards and eight hot-swap 3.5" drives, doubling the maximum ICE Cube density to 2800 2-way servers per container.

-- Scale Out Blade ST2000: 9U, half-depth, back-to-back compatible, standard rack-mount enclosure, supporting three power modules and twelve dual socket server modules, each with four 3.5" drives for up to 21 cores/U and 11 TB/U. This is Rackable Systems' highest density offering to date.

The Intel servers support dual- and quad-core Intel Xeon 5100, 5200, 5300 and 5400 series processors and leverage the Intel 5100 chipset, enabling the use of up to 48 GB of power-conserving DDR2 memory. The XE2006-F1 server supports dual- and quad-core AMD Opteron 2200 and 2300 series processors with Dual Dynamic Power Management(TM) (DDPM), reducing processor power draw. All of the new solutions deliver fully-integrated out-of-band IPMI 2.0 remote management capabilities with full Keyboard, Video and Mouse (KVM) support.


Rackable Systems expects all models to be available within thirty days.

For information about specific configurations and pricing, please visit Rackable Systems at http://www.rackable.com/products/.

About Rackable Systems

Rackable Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:RACK) is a leading provider of Eco- Logical(TM) servers and storage for large-scale data center deployments. The company's products are designed to provide benefits in the areas of density, thermal efficiency, serviceability, power distribution, data center mobility and remote management. Founded in 1999 and based in Fremont, California, Rackable Systems is a founding member of The Green Grid and serves Internet, enterprise software, federal government, entertainment, financial services, oil and gas exploration and HPC customers worldwide.

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1 Peak power efficiency based on DC power supply specifications.

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