June 24, 2008

Hand Gadgets, Net Gizmos Accompany Google Earth 4.3 Release

By Anonymous

Amid general praise from the blogsphere, version 4.3 of Google Earth is now available for downloading. On his independent Google Earth blog, Frank Taylor identifies the more notable new features as:

* A street-view layer, like Google Maps.

* The dates when images were shot, available in most cases.

* New navigation control features enabling better ways to look around at 3D buildings and 3D terrain.

* Faster-loading 3D building models.

* New photo-textured cities.

* Day/night lighting effects.

* Flash support for Mac.

* Faster switching between Sky and Earth modes.

Tony Hoffman, reviewing 4.3 for PC Maganne, observes that Google Earth "keeps integrating new capabilities that a physical globe can't. The application, backed by data streamed from Google, lets you see almost any spot on Earth from space, then zoom in to view it- often to an amazing level of detail." Google Earth also has plenty of practical uses, he notes. Travelers can explore terrain, resources, and attractions and view related photos and videos before setting off for their destinations.

The Google Earth website has been updated, and the User Guide now reflects 4.3 tips. Users can watch a video demo by Taylor on YouTube.

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