June 24, 2008

Performance Testing of Web 2.0 Apps Across the Internet Cloud Now As Easy As Flying a KITE – With Keynote Internet Testing Environment 2.0

Keynote Systems (Nasdaq: KEYN), the global leader in on-demand mobile and Internet test & measurement solutions for continuously improving the online experience, today announced KITE 2.0 (Keynote Internet Testing Environment), the latest version of Keynote's product for testing and analyzing the performance of Web applications across the Internet cloud. KITE 2.0 is a powerful Web performance testing product that gives users the flexibility of testing instantly from their desktop or from geographic locations across Keynote's on-demand global test and measurement network.

KITE 2.0 enables Web developers, QA professionals, performance analysts and others to execute - with point and click ease - rapid performance analysis and validation by measuring the end user experience of next generation Web 2.0 applications that include AJAX and asynchronously downloaded content. The results gleaned from running Web transaction scripts in real time from multiple cities enable the various groups participating in the application lifecycle process (developers, QA engineers, performance analysts, Web Ops and IT) to work collaboratively together to establish performance benchmarks either pre or post-application deployment and to triage and resolve performance problems throughout the application development lifecycle.

With code changes and site updates being made to Web sites and applications on a near daily basis - sometimes even multiple times a day - the efficiencies and productivities gained from the ability to test, validate, recreate, analyze and remediate application performance problems, nearly on the fly, are profound.

"As cloud computing grows dramatically, a new age of products for testing and validating application performance in real time across the Internet cloud is required. We've built KITE to address this need as a product for anyone wanting to understand and improve the performance of their Web applications from the end user perspective," said Vik Chaudhary, vice president of product management and corporate development at Keynote.

"Assuring and optimizing the performance of Web and Web 2.0 applications can no longer be accomplished through a siloed set of tools designed to support individual technology professionals in isolation," said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. "Keynote's KITE 2.0 initiative provides multi-dimensional insights into QoE issues that can easily be shared and accessed by different roles within and beyond IT, from application developers, to application support teams, to network managers, to performance analysts and engineers, to line of business executives, among others. KITE 2.0's global reach and inherently extensible design as a service makes it well suited to support next-generation Web application management requirements."

New Features in KITE 2.0

KITE 2.0 offers both instant testing from the desktop and from a pre-selected group of geographic locations across the Internet cloud. KITE users can upload Web transaction scripts from the desktop to the Keynote global test and measurement network and receive free instant performance data from five cities: San Francisco, New York, London, Frankfurt and Hong Kong. And because Keynote's test & measurement network spans the globe, KITE users can upload the same scripts to 70+ metropolitan areas worldwide to continue monitoring and gathering performance data worldwide. The top five technical features of KITE 2.0 include:

-- Performance analysis for multi-page transactions;

-- Native Internet Explorer integration allows for the easy analysis of AJAX, Flash, JavaScript

-- Test performance from the desktop, the last mile and the Internet cloud

-- JavaScript programmability for scripting actions based on DOM events (Document Object Model)

-- Record Web application test scripts, playback in 'burst mode,' and share scripts across groups

Addressing A Growing Development, Testing and Web Operations Audience

KITE 2.0 enables Web developers, QA professionals and performance analysts to execute - with point and click ease - rapid performance analysis and validation to measure the end user experience of next generation Web 2.0 applications that include AJAX. Scripts can be shared as benchmarks and to perform triage among all the Web application life cycle groups, including developers, QA and IT operations.

Use Cases for KITE 2.0: App Developers, Performance Analysts, QA, Ops

With KITE 2.0, Web application developers can detect and fix flash points in applications before they are released to QA and Web operations teams. Currently, Web operations teams often feel burned when they receive poorly performing code with flash points that make the application spiral out of control from a performance standpoint. Operations groups are increasingly asking Web application developers to 'bake in' performance testing before they receive the application. KITE 2.0 is perfect in this scenario.

KITE 2.0 also makes it easy for performance analysts from IT operations to run test scripts as if they were an end user. The KITE 2.0 test script is recorded, saved and then sent to either the QA or the development team for evaluation. A performance issue that might be slowing down the system can then be identified and fixed. Or the same test script might reveal performance problems associated with a connection to a server from which all of the Web page images or objects are being downloaded. Here a fix might be to download the images or objects from multiple distributed servers to improve performance.

Quality Assurance teams can now use KITE 2.0 in addition to their standard functional and regression testing tools to test and assess real-time performance of their Web-based applications from inside the confines of the corporate network, as well as from the Internet cloud. KITE provides an array of performance metrics to help with problem isolation and diagnostics of performance-related issues. KITE utilizes real and emulated browsers to simplify the task of creating robust, multi-step/multi-page test scripts against Web applications utilizing complex Web 2.0 technologies. Once created and tuned, these automated tests that can be saved in a script repository can be executed as frequently as necessary from behind the corporate network, or from the Internet cloud to provide ongoing performance benchmarking throughout the development/test lifecycle.

And finally, KITE 2.0 can also be used by IT operations to monitor the performance of Web applications in post-deployment mode. Through the entire process teams can share scripts, perform instant tests from their desktops and finally monitor their online business from around the globe. KITE makes the entire process faster and adaptable to today's Web application development lifecycle.


KITE 2.0 will be available for free download to Keynote customers in August.

About Keynote

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