June 24, 2008

Ziggo Selects Amdocs Suite to Deliver Unified Platform

Amdocs, a provider of customer experience systems, has announced that Ziggo, a Dutch telecom and cable service provider, has selected the Amdocs OSS suite to deliver a unified platform for resource and inventory management across all its business units.

Ziggo was formed by unifying the former entities known as @Home, Casema, and Multikabel. Building on an existing partnership, Ziggo will integrate the entire network with Amdocs OSS suite for improved operational efficiency, reduced costs and decreased time to market for new services.

According to the World Economic Forum, the Netherlands maintains one of the highest technology penetration ratios in the world, with almost every house in the Netherlands connected to a broadband network. This technology acceptance necessitates a higher level of service to retain customers, rather than competing for new subscribers. To remain competitive in such an advanced market, Ziggo uses the Amdocs OSS Suite as a single source to identify accurate data and streamline the assurance process and faster problem resolution for customers.

Charles Born, vice president of corporate communications at Amdocs, said: "Ziggo has both the largest and fastest network in the region and needs to monitor a variety of legacy OSS systems. By selecting Amdocs OSS Suite, Ziggo can efficiently resolve network issues while maintaining a low cost of ownership."