June 25, 2008

Fusa Capital Expands Its Traffic Reach With the Newstowatch.Com RSS Discovery Directory

Fusa Capital Corporation (OTCBB:FSAC), a leading innovator of multimedia search engine technologies for consumers and digital content providers, today announced the launch of the Newstowatch RSS discovery directory, a complete A through Z RSS feed directory of the most topical global news items as determined by the proprietary Newstowatch content discovery algorithms.

Newstowatch.com uses a unique combination of software and community activity to discover thousands of current news stories each day. The Newstowatch software analyzes over 30,000 news sources, looking for news trends, breaking stories and popular topics. The software generates a Newstowatch Story Rank as each story is found that can change over time based on community participation. Users influence the rank and importance of news stories by simply clicking and reading them.

The Newstowatch RSS discovery directory collects thousands of the worlds most popular news topics into an easy to navigate directory. Anyone can subscribe to the RSS feeds using a popular RSS reader like Google Reader or Bloglines or any number of popular personalized start pages including Pageglakes and Netvibes. RSS readers and personalized start pages are both web services that are creating massive emerging audiences for news consumption. RSS is the preferred method of content subscription and delivery for these growing services. The RSS discovery directory ensures Newstowatch can expand its traffic reach by making it easy for emerging audiences to consume breaking news content outside of the Newstowatch.com website.

"The Newstowatch audience has been asking for a massive RSS news offering that helps them track breaking news topics in other web environments. This is a way for us to expand our audience and reach new web traffic centers," said Jenifer Osterwalder, CEO of Fusa Capital Corp. "Fusa Capital's network of websites is committed to rolling out services like the RSS discovery directory that expand our reach and enable us to grow our traffic."

The Newstowatch RSS discovery directory can be found at: http://www.newstowatch.com/rss_directory.rhtml.

About Fusa Capital

Fusa Capital Corporation (OTCBB:FSAC) has developed the most powerful and comprehensive consumer search and navigation services. The company's network of websites incorporate breakthrough, proprietary search engine technology for accessing the world's most popular online video, audio and text content. Fusa's Consumer Search Network of ad-supported websites includes the popular www.searchforvideo.com, a video search engine; www.newstowatch.com, a breaking news discovery service; www.podanza.com, an audio and video podcast search engine; and www.iheard.com, an Internet radio search engine.

Fusa has established partnerships with brand name content owners to give consumers instant access to tens of thousands of popular content sources from around the globe. For more information, visit www.fusacapital.com.

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