June 25, 2008

New Online Tool Offers Travelers Convenience

By Jooss, Ron Cook, Jon

A new, free, online itinerary tool can help business travelers save time and organize their itineraries. The tripit.com site is run by Greg Brockway, founder of Hotwire.com. Travelers forward their confirmation e-mails to [email protected], and the Web site will come up with an all-inclusive itinerary, according to Brockway. The site also adds in trip details, such as confirmation numbers, daily weather, local maps, driving directions and city guides.

"We are trying to eliminate the manila envelope with bits and pieces of itinerary, and try to streamline travel planning," says Brockway. The service can help save time and money. It can allow one person to take care of the itineraries of an entire group, and allow assistants to access the traveler's itinerary and augment it, if needed. This allows different people to book different parts of the trip with no problem.

The site also includes a social networking aspect. Like many other social networking sites, users can create a profile and make online friends. This allows people to see when their travels will overlap, or allow them to stay connected. Brockway adds that "the advantage is the peace of mind and ease of sharing information."

With the advent of phones and hand-held devices that access the Internet, a traveler can viewthe itinerary at anytime without having a hard copy to carry around. "Remote access via smart-phone is a huge benefit," says tripit.com spokesman Ramin Ekhtiar.

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