June 25, 2008

Syncplicity and New Partners Merge Web Applications Onto the Desktop

Syncplicity (syncplicity.com) today announced the availability of its open platform that allows companies and developers to extend their web-based applications directly to the desktop. Using Syncplicity, online services and applications work seamlessly with files stored locally on users' computers.

Syncplicity's service is built on open standards to enable synchronization of files and folders not just across computers and devices, but also websites. Syncplicity's new platform helps realize Syncplicity's mission to enable the next generation of Cloud Computing applications. Desktop files can be opened instantaneously with a single click in either an online or local application giving web applications equal footing on the desktop. Whether online or offline, changes are backed up and saved directly to the user's hard drive.

"With Syncplicity and its new partners, the desktop and the web become one," says Syncplicity CEO Leonard Chung. "Files synced by Syncplicity can be opened and edited in any application, whether installed on the PC or living on the web. Users can now pick the application that best suits their needs without the worry of where their data is stored."

As part of the open platform launch, Syncplicity is announcing three new partnerships with leading web-based services: Scribd (Scribd.com), Zoho (Zoho.com), and Picnik (Picnik.com). With a user experience offering both the speed of installed applications and the familiarity of working with files directly on the desktop, Syncplicity is helping pioneering online services and others expand their reach and increase adoption. Cloud applications feel as comfortable and easy-to-use as their desktop application counterparts.

Companies and developers that wish to integrate with Syncplicity can do so at anytime on the Syncplicity developer website by providing a single web address that adheres to a basic, clearly defined contract. Approved applications will be available to users through the online Syncplicity File Explorer and their desktops.

Scribd's iPaper viewer makes it easy to view documents online. Scribd supports many popular file types including Adobe Acrobat(tm), Microsoft Office(tm), and Open Office(tm). With Scribd, users now have a universal can-opener to open files without having to install each application. "Scribd and Syncplicity have common goals in enabling people to share and view documents easily," said Trip Adler, CEO and co-founder of Scribd. "Now Syncplicity users can preview shared or synced documents with iPaper, no matter if those documents are stored remotely or are sitting right on the desktop."

Zoho enables users to view and edit a wide range of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations without needing to purchase and install expensive or heavyweight desktop applications on every computer. "Zoho has just become easier for our users. Now they have the power of best-in-class applications combined with the convenience of the desktop usability," said Raju Vegesna, evangelist, Zoho.

Picnik, a leading online photo-editing application allows people to quickly and easily edit, enhance, share and print photos from any Internet browser and on any computer. "Syncplicity's integration with Picnik makes it especially easy for users to open, edit, and save photos right on their desktops," said Picnik CEO Jonathan Sposato. "By combining Picnik's existing APIs with Syncplicity's open sync platform and desktop integration, Web-connected users can now use Picnik just like a desktop photo editing application."

"Syncplicity is the Web's fast-pass to your desktop. We expect Cloud Computing companies will take advantage of Syncplicity's simple platform to extend their reach and provide viable, real alternatives to desktop products," added Syncplicity vice president of products and platform, Ondrej Hrebicek.

To learn more about the Syncplicity platform, please visit: https://my.syncplicity.com/developers.

About Syncplicity, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, Syncplicity was founded with a simple vision: Your computer should empower you, not slow you down. Our goal is to create a new way of managing files to liberate people from worrying about how and where their data is stored. With Syncplicity, you don't have to be a file techie. Our product makes syncing and sharing files automatic and invisible, so you can get down to basics: using your computer in fun, creative and useful ways. Visit www.syncplicity.com and get in sync today.

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