June 25, 2008

TripSpot.Com Makes Travel Planning Easy and Enjoyable With an Expanded Set of Online Resources

EVANSTON, Ill., June 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Discover the best travel planning resources the Web has to offer with an expanded set of indispensable, freely available travel planning resources on TripSpot.com. Our editors have combed through myriad resources to deliver the most useful travel information sources in a single, convenient spot. Whether planning the trip of a lifetime, a family vacation, or a quick business trip, TripSpot.com allows consumers to save time and money.

By providing easy access to a wealth of online travel gems in categories such as Must See Sites, Bargains, Getting There, Where to Stay and What to Do, along with feature articles, travel tips, traveler reviews, shortcuts and a travel library -- TripSpot.com has raised the bar on providing consumers with the most useful travel resources available on the Web.

The leisure or business traveler can explore the globe's most interesting travel destinations with more than 100 country-specific guides and more than 160 city-specific online guides. Each guide features the best resources available on the Internet for everything you need to learn about your destination and to plan your visit. Country Guides include easy online access to official tourism information, various in-depth country-specific guides, major city guides, embassies, transportation services, traveler reviews, major attractions, maps and more. City Guides provide easy online access to in-depth city-specific guides, lodging choices, transportation services, traveler reviews, local news & weather, local attractions and events, maps and more.

Using an unbiased approach to selecting the most useful travel resources, TripSpot.com provides a valuable service to travelers. Making all these resources easily accessible in one single spot, TripSpot.com is a must-see Internet destination for those planning and taking trips.

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