June 25, 2008

MyWay Interactive Delivers Micro Social Network Services for Enterprise Sales Teams

Today at the Cisco Live user conference, MyWay Interactive announced the MyWay Network, a new Web 2.0 technology. The MyWay Network collaboration software builds alliances, between enterprise sales groups and customers, bonding them into a Micro Social Network(TM) brand service.

The MyWay Network transforms how people work, in today's global sales economy, by providing technologies that make it possible for peers to share information instantly, over goal based the Micro Social Network(TM) services. Sales teams can now conduct business at new levels of global productivity using the collective knowledge of the sales team.

The MyWay Network offers a complete set of communication highways for global sales teams including:

Account Contact Profile -- Generates the "Front Page News" of a specific customer profile automatically. MyAccount, MyContact and MyAccountActivity, are updated in real time, using web sources and peer interaction within the MyWay Network.

Real Time Alerts -- Receive global real time alerts when any change in status occurs for product evaluation, support, budget or competitive issues at each customer account site.

Instant Messaging -- Instant message broadcasting to all members of the MyWay Network.

Persistent Data -- All data is stored and organized for easy retrieval. New team members are immediately brought up to speed on the account opportunities.

"In today's global economy, with product decisions and sales development dispersed across all geographic zones, collaboration is a business imperative," stated David Anderson founder and CEO of MyWay Interactive. "Corporations can not continue to manage sales teams as independent resources. They must have the ability to mobilize quickly, empower, and enable their sales teams to collaborate as peers, actively bringing new products to market, stimulating and sustaining revenue growth."

Sales teams now have the ability to collaborate as peers to focus on the common and shared goal of providing the best possible service and value to their customers.

Please call MyWay Interactive at 408-524-7411 or visit www.mywayinteractive.com for more information.

About MyWay Interactive

MyWay Interactive hosts a no cost SaaS solution to provide shared Micro Social Network(TM) services which provide information exchange between sales teams in real time. MyWay Interactive is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California