June 26, 2008

RideSearch.Com Launches New Ways for Commuters and Businesses Looking to Save Gas

RideSearch.com today announced the launch of a new version of their free nationwide carpool matching website, RideSearch 2.0, and the launch of RideSearch for Businesses (ridesearch.biz). The services promise to increase communication among all commuters and employers, helping carpoolers save money on gasoline and helping them stop global warming by reducing carbon dioxide emissions from daily commuting.

RideSearch.com is a free nationwide membership based commuter network that allows members to search for and communicate with people who live near where they live and work near where they work. The new profile system is based on social networking platforms like MySpace and Facebook. RideSearch contains features of instant communication with other commuters, a member rating system, better profile editing, better searching and mapping, and nationwide event driven rideshare forums that span medium to large cities throughout the United States. Their popular carpool calculators are on the site and can still be found on the Apple (AAPL) iPhone at iphone.ridesearch.com.

"The new version of RideSearch promises to revolutionize the way Americans think about carpooling. Our customized forums allow commuters to meet up to go to the airport, school, vacations, concerts, football games, church, and movies and work," says Brian Bass, CEO of RideSearch.com. "I am excited about this site. I believe it will change the way we all think about carpooling and ridesharing. With gas prices at an all time high and the green movement in full swing the time is now for our social networks to start making a difference in the real world."

The other site, RideSearch.biz, is where RideSearch.com makes its money. The site offers advertising opportunities on RideSearch.com, from local ads on a per city basis to nationwide tower ads there is an ad for any sized company. RideSearch also has a good start with a link from Southwest Airlines (LUV) on their intranet portal and with Blockbuster (BBl) who bought carpool cards to bring awareness to their employees about RideSearch.com.

RideSearch.biz also offers rideshare benefits packages for small, medium, and large businesses. The packages include items like carpool parking signs for parking lots, reusable cards and pamphlets, monthly carpool contests, and t-shirts and other gear to give as prizes for winning carpool contests. Companies can even get Brian Bass, the creator of RideSearch to come and speak about carpooling and getting employees involved in conserving gas.

"I think we, as a nation, have reached a point where alternatives to driving are a necessity. As families get squeezed by higher inflation the need to offset this with conservation is now evident," Bass added. "The best way to conserve gas is to share the price with someone else. People are now deciding to get past their prior reservations about carpooling and RideSearch.com 2.0 will help them find someone they can ride with anywhere and anytime to any event imaginable."

For more information on RideSearch.com, or to view the new features go to http://www.ridesearch.com.

About RideSearch.com

RideSearch.com is a privately-held corporation with a home office in Carrollton, Texas and is the carpooling industry's only social commuter matching website. RideSearch.com was released on January 1st, 2008 and has grown nationwide to hit more than 5600 towns throughout the United States. RideSearch.biz was released on June 26th, 2008 and is a way for companies to promote ridesharing among its employees by offering incentive packages and advertising space on RideSearch.com. Brian Bass is the CEO and sole employee of RideSearch.com.