June 27, 2008

C4 to Launch Big Brother Web Tool

By Anonymous

Channel 4 has turned to social networking to revitalise interest in its moribund reality TV show Big Brother. Last year, ratings for the reality show slumped to their lowest, with an average of 3.8mviewers.Thebroadcaster now hopes to tap into the popularity of social network sites Facebook and Bebo to reach a youth audience through the launch of a Big Brother 9 application.

The tool, created by digital agency Panlogic, involves viewing, rating and sharing video content from the show. Once the application has been downloaded to a user's profile page, four videos will be available to view each day. The user can then rate these videos, build up a favourites list, share the videos with friends, and track which ones their friends are watching.

Viewers can also download a tool that will allow them to support their favourite housemate. However, if the contestant is evicted, the user will also be evicted from the application.

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