June 30, 2008

Dataram Doubles Memory to Half Terabyte Capacity In Sun Fire X4600 M2 Servers

Dataram Corporation (NASDAQ: DRAM), a leading provider of server and workstation memory, today announced upgrades of Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X4600 M2 servers to an industry leading 512GB of memory capacity. Until now, this large memory capacity was only available in expensive high-end servers running UNIX or mainframe operating systems, and not in mainstream cost-effective x86 servers. Dataram is first to deliver the high capacity 8GB memory modules enabling a half terabyte of main memory.

The DRSX4600M2/16GB memory upgrades consist of two 8GB capacity PC2-5300, DDR2-667 Registered ECC dual-rank memory modules. 32 memory upgrades have been installed in each of 4 servers running real-time market analytics for a leading global financial services firm located in New York City. Fast response times are critical in making market-trading decisions, and are accomplished by the entire database residing in main memory. The speed of main memory enables processing the fast flow of information streaming from multiple news feeds with current capability now 512GB in size.

"We strive to deliver the products our customers need to maintain a competitive advantage in their respective markets. Dataram memory provides the speed and performance needed by doubling the capacity currently available," stated John Freeman, President & CEO of Dataram.

Sun Microsystems Sun Fire X4600 M2 is currently the only x86 server capable of a half terabyte of memory in a single node. Dataram also has immediate availability of high capacity, cost saving memory upgrades for most popular servers and all feature a Lifetime Warranty.

About Dataram

Founded in 1967, Dataram is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of reliable, high capacity and innovative memory solutions. Dataram provides customized memory solutions for OEMs and memory upgrades for leading brands including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems, Dell, Intel and AMD Opteron. For more information on all Dataram's memory offerings, visit www.dataram.com

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