June 30, 2008

Cogent Communications Creates New Business Opportunities Across North America With Expansion into Additional Switch and Data Sites

Switch and Data (NASDAQ: SDXC), a leading provider of Internet exchange and colocation services, announced today that Cogent Communications Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: CCOI), one of the largest Ethernet Internet service providers in the world, has deployed additional points of presence (POPs) in Switch and Data's network-neutral colocation and Internet exchange sites in Cleveland, Phoenix and Sunnyvale, CA. Cogent provides low-cost, high-speed Internet access and IP connectivity. Gaining fast, cost-effective access to critical masses of customers is central to its sales and distribution strategy. Cogent deploys network in Switch and Data's sites to market its Ethernet Internet transit services.

Cogent is a Tier 1 Internet Service Provider, ranked among the top five networks in the world. It provides dedicated, non-oversubscribed Internet access backed by a leading Service Level Agreement. The company has grown quickly by providing its customers with a simple product, rapid service installation, and proactive customer support. Its reliable and affordable bandwidth has attracted thousands of customers.

"The ability to land in a Switch and Data site once and then provision multiple low-cost cross connects to customers, compliments our bandwidth price leadership to provide a compelling value proposition," explained Jeff Karnes, Chief Revenue Officer, Cogent Communications. "Switch and Data's broad footprint of densely interconnected sites across North America makes them a natural partner as we expand our network to meet new customers and peer our traffic to enhance performance."

Cogent Communications grows revenue by adding customers in its existing on-net buildings and adding new buildings to its network. It operates a 30,000+ mile facilities-based intercity network in North America and Europe and also provides over 255 metro networks, totaling 11,000 miles in more than 110 global markets. Cogent's is one of the most peered networks in the world and interconnects with over 2,300 other networks.

Switch and Data operates the broadest footprint of network-neutral colocation and Internet exchange sites in North America and provides Cogent with 32 on-net locations. Once in a Switch and Data site, Cogent markets its services to find additional customers and peering partners. Interconnecting with new customers and peers is fast and cost-effective using the sites' meet-me-rooms and PAIX(R) Internet exchanges.

"We are pleased that Cogent Communications continues to find our sites to be an efficient and cost effective place to reach Internet-centric customers," said Ernie Sampera, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. "Having one of the broadest Internet Exchange footprints in North America combined with our customer densities makes Switch and Data the logical choice for service providers looking for a single solution to reach customers and end users across North America."

In addition to private interconnectivity, Cogent publicly peers its traffic on Switch and Data's PAIX Internet exchanges in all six available markets, Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Northern Virginia, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle. Switch and Data also provides customer-centric tools, such as the Web MarketPlace which facilitates customers to discover and contact each other to explore new business opportunities.

About Switch and Data

Switch and Data is a premier provider of network-neutral data centers that house, power, and interconnect the Internet. Leading content companies, enterprises, and communications service providers rely on Switch and Data to connect to customers and exchange Internet traffic. Switch and Data has built a reputation for world-class service, delivered across the broadest colocation footprint and richest network of interconnections in North America. Switch and Data operates 34 sites in the U.S. and Canada, provides one of the highest customer satisfaction scores for technical and engineering support in the industry, and is home to PAIX(R) - the world's first commercial Internet exchange.

For more information on Switch and Data, please visit www.switchanddata.com.

About Cogent

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI) is a multinational, Tier 1 facilities-based ISP, operating one of the largest capacity IP networks in the world with lit capacities ranging from 80 to 200 Gigabits per second. Cogent specializes in providing businesses with high speed Internet access and point-to-point transport services. Cogent's facilities-based, all-optical IP network backbone provides IP services in over 100 markets located in North America and Europe.

Since Cogent's inception, Cogent has unleashed the benefits of IP technology, building one of the largest and highest capacity IP networks in the world. This network enables Cogent to offer large bandwidth connections at highly competitive prices. Cogent Communications is headquartered at 1015 31st Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20007. For more information, visit www.cogentco.com. Cogent Communications can be reached in the United States at (202) 295-4200 or via email at [email protected]