June 30, 2008

Qwest Launches Security and Identity Management Solution for Federal Agencies

Qwest Communications International has introduced a security and identity management solution for federal government agencies that reportedly provides universal and secure access to all digital resources and sensitive data.

Qwest is partnering with Route1, a provider of security and identity management network solutions, to make the offering available to agencies under the Washington Interagency Telecommunications Systems (WITS) 2001 crossover contract.

At the heart of Route1's solution is MobiNET, a communications and service delivery platform focused on identity management and entitlement-based access to resources. Leveraging the power of MobiNET is the MobiKEY, an ultra-portable computing device that connects users to their desktop data, applications, network resources and web content from any internet-enabled Windows-based PC.

Diana Gowen, senior vice president and general manager of Qwest Government Services, said: "This technology provides increased security for federal government systems and will help agencies meet mandates for programs such as teleworking and continuity of operations planning."