June 30, 2008

Make Summer Sizzle With IPEVO’s 10 Webcam Wonders

Even though school is out for the summer, rising gas prices and tighter budgets are forcing families to reevaluate how they will be spending quality time together. Instead of making expensive vacation plans or taking gas-guzzling road trips, IPEVO challenges consumers to get creative. Why not use things already around the house to inspire new projects and activities?

IPEVO, a designer of devices to enhance the Internet experience, encourages families to get active this summer by engaging in these 10 unique ways for families to have some surefire fun with a Web camera:

     1.  Tackle to-dos: When the family is headed out to stock up on         back-to-school supplies, who has the time to split up the         shopping list by hand? With a webcam nearby, take a quick         picture of the list and print out copies for everyone.     2.  Brag about the report card: When the spring semester grades hit         the mailbox, start video chatting with Grandma and scan over the         report card so she can share in the excitement.     3.  Start a family blog: Think of it as 'keeping up with the Joneses,'         21st century style. Use a webcam to capture action shots of a         family BBQ, squirt gun fight or birthday party, then post the         pictures alongside weekly entries for friends and relatives to         read and enjoy.     4.  Show off special moments: When baby's first tooth starts coming         in or the dog and cat are cuddling on the couch, take a close-up         picture to share with family and friends.     5.  Be 'mini' Magellans: As kids know, seeing details of animals and         objects up close can be extremely entertaining. Zoom in on a         spider with a webcam and discover more about its eight legs. Kids         can save the image or share it with a friend at the click of a         button, making it much better than a magnifying glass.     6.  Perfect the profiles: Use a handheld webcam to take shots for         family members' social network profiles. Be sure to capture unique         angles to set your profiles apart from the crowd.     7.  Organize the closets: Cleaning can be fun when it's interactive.         Use a webcam to take quick pictures of the contents of boxes to         create custom-made labels, or catalogue clothes and accessories on         the computer to make choosing an outfit a breeze.     8.  Hold an online art show: Host a virtual party by posting webcam         snapshots of the kids' arts and craft projects to a Web site, then         send out evites to family and friends to see how far the kids have         come this school year.     9.  Give information with ease: Once the oldest child heads off to         college, host a 'Laundry 101' session and prevent them from having         an all-pink wardrobe. Set up a webcam to show exactly how to         separate whites and darks by video and enjoy the look of relief on         their face.     10. Review rooms: On a summer trip, share highlights of a hotel room         and snapshots of the window views by packing a handheld webcam.         Friends back home will feel like they're on vacation too. 

"The IPEVO PoV Web Camera is perfect for families in the market for an easy to use webcam to make this summer more exciting," said Ed Lucero, vice president and general manager, North America, for IPEVO. "Unlike built-in and traditional mounted webcams, the PoV has a handheld, pen-shaped design that makes it easy to capture video and pictures from any angle. Also, its compact size makes it an ideal travel accessory that's easy for kids to hold."

The PoV is compatible with Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Skype. Additionally, the point-and-shoot webcam can focus down to 1.5 inches away from the subject and features an oversized focusing ring for smooth and dynamic adjustments between standard view and image close-ups. Order now for just $39.99(1) from IPEVO's online store.

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