June 30, 2008

Intel Broadens World Ahead Program in Egypt in Collaboration With the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Communications and It and EDU Systems Intern

Intel broadens world ahead program in Egypt in collaboration with the ministry of education, ministry of communications and it and EDU systems international

The Intel-Powered classmate PC transforms the way students learn

As part of its ongoing commitment to offer uncompromised education solutions through the Intel World Ahead Program, Intel today announced the successful completion of Phase I of the implementation of the Intel-Powered Classmate PC into schools across the country. Through the collaboration with Edu Systems International (ESI), and the support of the Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Phase I consisted of deploying the Intel-powered classmate PCs and wirelessly connecting hundreds of students throughout 6 schools, inside and outside Cairo with a bid to reach 40 schools in the next phase. This is part of Intel's drive to up-level 1:1 computing across schools in Egypt.

Integrating local content into the e-learning environment, Intel and ESI also provided skoool.com, set for launch in September, math and science modules tailored to the Egyptian curriculum. The learning resources of skoool technology are populated with local content and have features including: multimedia learning objects (LearnSteps), interactive simulations (LearnSims), an award-winning math toolkit, exam centre study notes, exam guides for math and integrated science as well as study and revision tips.

His Excellency, Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology said that: "the main source of economic development in Egypt depends on the spread of ICT tools in the society and partnering with global companies such as Intel is instrumental to up-leveling ICT development in schools. In doing so, we are successfully preparing the country's youth generation to meet today's market needs."

Also present at the event, His Excellency, Dr. Yousri El-Gamal, Minister of Education added that: "The use of technology has garnered great importance in today's education system, and we are confident that the launch of this initiative will help education development for the knowledge age."

"In an era driven by innovation, Intel has a strong belief that all students deserve to have the right skills to succeed, and over the last 10 years has invested $1 billion and 2 million employee volunteer hours to improving education worldwide. Student motivation increases significantly with the ability to interact, communicate and collaborate through technology. In order to compete and succeed at international level, students need to be comfortable with technology and include it in their everyday life," said Khaled Elamrawi, Intel General Manager Egypt, Levant and North Africa.

Elamrawi emphasized that Intel will continue to collaborate with educators and the government of Egypt to advance the global competitiveness of Egyptian youth. "We thank the Ministry of Education for their support and we believe that all students require access to technological innovations in order to succeed and acquire the necessary skills to become the next generation of innovators," said Elamrawi. "Education is Intel World Ahead's primary platform because the heart of innovation is education. This is why we do more than just contribute. We also get directly involved in policy making with educators, training teachers, and establishing community-based programs and software development centers in Egypt. The overall impact of the Intel-Powered classmate PC will make a great difference to the students' studies and hopefully transform the learning environment of Egyptian youth in the early years," he added.

Intel supports a 360 student-centred approach to education. skoool.com aids students with curriculum-focused multi-media learning and research, offers open-ended learning tools to help students explore wider concepts, and provides valuable exam focused resources to help students prepare effectively for state exams. Integrating technology in the classroom also encourages creative project-based learning, and enables students from schools across the globe to share information while developing valuable communication and collaboration skills to prepare for the 21st century workplace and society. The Intel-Powered classmate PC, a small mobile education-oriented PC solely distributed by ESI - the Education Service Provider covering Egypt - has been developed by Intel for students in emerging markets. Designed to provide affordable and more importantly collaborative learning environments for students and their teachers, the Intel-Powered classmate PC is a personalized learning device, 'rugged' mobile educational solution and easy-to- deploy.

Following the conclusion of the trial period of the Intel- Powered classmate PC in Egypt, ESI the Education Service Provider covering Egypt - has pledged a further order of 5,000 Intel-Powered classmate PCs to be supplied to around 40 schools across Egypt. 2008 Al Bawaba (www.albawaba.com)

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