July 1, 2008

Sitecore Recognizes PANDORA Jewelry As Sitecore Site of the Year for Denmark

Sitecore, the leading provider of .NET Web Content Management System (CMS) software, today announced that PANDORA Jewelry A/S has been named the Denmark Sitecore Site of the Year. PANDORA Jewelry is a global company with its products sold in over 8,000 jewelry stores in 20 countries. Utilizing Sitecore's Web CMS, Dwarf A/S, the web agency that developed PANDORA's website, consolidated the content from all of the local, independent PANDORA websites to create one global website for the brand that permeates throughout all of PANDORA's regional websites. This provided customers worldwide with a complete and seamless online experience as well as compelling content that not only maintained and increased website membership but also significantly raised website traffic.

Sitecore's Site of the Year contest recognizes customers who have leveraged Sitecore's technology to develop the most outstanding websites. Sitecore's partners and customers submitted nominations of hundreds of sites in Denmark that identified ways websites created more effective business processes and advanced their online strategies. The Sitecore judges considered creativity, integration with rich data sources and applications, ability to educate, inform and motivate to action, and the overall user experience.

A number of features distinguishes PANDORA's website. Customers are able to create their own bracelets in a flash program, which is completely integrated into the product database. Users who join the PANDORA Club can save the created bracelets and add them as well as other jewelry to a wish list, which can be forwarded to family and friends. With one global web platform, there is a Dealer Area with country specific content that enables dealers to gather updated marketing collateral. Some markets use a specified Dealer Area to offer an incentive program for sales representatives that allows them to upload and compare results.

"We originally had several local, independent websites with different designs and content that basically were static HTML pages. They were not maintained and updated regularly and did not show the same face all over," said Peter Rantzau, Brand Director at PANDORA Jewelry. "Using Sitecore's Web CMS, we are able to provide visually stimulating and interactive websites in 12 different languages that engage our customers. We are also able to unite all the regional PANDORA websites and deliver a single global brand experience."

Sitecore gives local country administrators the ability to maintain and customize parts of their websites, while still allowing global administrators to retain control over global brand and web strategies. Furthermore, global databases, such as that for products, were developed and easily made available across all markets.

"This was a major project as it required data from all local websites to be imported and combined. New structures needed to be created for consistency across all websites and we have the ability to handle many gigabytes of traffic per day," said Senior Project Manager, Nick Artby Olsen of Dwarf A/S. "Sitecore's Web CMS is a trusted and thoroughly tested solution, and with the ability to easily and quickly make alterations and updates it was the logical solution to meet all of PANDORA's requirements."

"We were very impressed with the way PANDORA has been able to enrich their website not only for its customers but also for its dealers," said Thomas G. Andersen, Director, Sitecore Denmark. "We applaud PANDORA for utilizing Sitecore's Web CMS and creating a powerful website that has country specific local sites in a dozen languages with dynamic content that delights and attracts an increasing number of new users. We're all very impressed with the dramatic increase of site traffic, and the 50,000 members the PANDORA Club has now amassed."

The Sitecore Site of the Year contest is divided into four regions, comprising International, Denmark, UK, and North America.

About Sitecore

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About PANDORA Jewelry A/S

'Pandora' is more than the name of a legendary figure with an infamous box. It is also the name of a unique jewelry line that is available at jewelry stores across Europe and North America.

PANDORA was founded in 1982 by goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his then wife Winnie. The company's roots go back to the 1950s, when Per Enevoldsen's father, Algot Enevoldsen, designed and manufactured jewelry.

Launched in 2000 - and what truly boosted PANDORA's business development - the company's core product is a bracelet in silver or gold with charms sold separately. The bracelet has a unique design that distributes the individual charms evenly around the wrist.

The charms are all handmade with fine details, patterns and/or gemstones such as topaz, sapphire, amethyst or brilliant-cut diamonds, and they hook directly onto the bracelet. New charms are added to the assortment regularly. The current selection of about 600 different charms makes for countless personal combinations. Building on the success of the charm bracelet, the company has also launched a series of earrings based on the same basic concept.

The PANDORA range also includes a wide selection of necklaces, finger rings, earrings, and other items. The jewelry, like the charms, is fashioned from 14kt gold or sterling silver with brilliant-cut diamonds, gemstones and various colored stones.

For company information and Pandora catalog, visit www.pandora-jewelry.com.

About Dwarf

Dwarf is a Danish-based online strategy, development and implementation agency, helping clients develop digital business solutions. Dwarf combines specialist knowledge of online strategy, technology, design and user experience. Dwarf uses a value-creation model for developing its clients' online business, working with the firm belief that online strategy is an integral part of a business - not something done in parallel. Dwarf's online solutions produce results for an organization, beyond simply establishing an online presence. Dwarf was founded in 2000 and employs 40 people.