July 1, 2008

National Records Centers, Inc. Announces the NRC Global Digital Network

National Records Centers, Inc., North America's largest independent records storage network, today announced the launch of its Global Digital Network. The Network is based upon a unified data management solution that incorporates a total lifecycle solution including the conversion of hardcopy records to digital form, secure enterprise-wide storage, web-based secure retrieval, and retention-based destruction of physical and digital records.

The NRC's Digital Network is the direct result of the evolutionary growth of the traditional hardcopy records storage industry. While paper-based records storage will continue to be the dominant storage medium for the foreseeable future, client access to that information dictates that a timelier, more secure and application-friendly solution be made available. The NRC's Global Digital Network makes that possible.

About the Global Digital Network

The network consists of seven regionally located digital gateways that have high-speed access to a SAS 70-compliant national datacenter located in North Carolina. Each regional gateway provides direct access to both local and geographically remote imaging centers. Independent records storage facilities can utilize the network to outsource imaging requirements without having to make capital investments in facilities and equipment, yet still remain competitive in the fast-growing hardcopy to digital conversion and storage markets.

A unified and secure interface, ubiquitous distributed storage, scalable and open applications are the key attributes of the NRC Global Digital Network. The ability for clients to keep their sensitive records "on-shore," managed, secure and available are the underpinnings of the Global Digital Network.

About National Records Centers, Inc.

National Records Centers, Inc. (NRC) provides off-site records management and storage services throughout North and Central America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. NRC solutions include Records Management, Document Storage, Digital Services, Secure Document Destruction, Computer Media Rotation/Vaulting and E-Business Solutions.

Founded in 1999, NRC has broadened its service network to over 125 North American locations and expanded its global reach to over 30 international locations. At the forefront of our offerings are consistent customer service and core competencies that ensure customer satisfaction, regulatory compliancy, personal information protection and competitive pricing.