July 3, 2008

Search Engine Optimization Firm Develops New Methodology

NEW YORK, July 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Everyone wants to create more web traffic, but finding a very progressive and forward thinking search engine optimization firm that is fast, dependable and affordable is not an easy task. Simply put, most SEO firms are still using antiquated methods that no longer work to get clients highly ranked.

ThinkBIGsites.com (http://www.thinkbigsites.com/) based in NY, WA and AZ is on the cutting edge of a newer and more effective Search Engine Marketing strategy that is comprised of four powerful components, 1) Search Engine Optimization 2) Strategic Inbound Linking 3) Blog Marketing and 4) Social Networking. ThinkBIG's co-founder and Managing Partner, Marc Arner has formulated a unique and valuable understanding of how the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo & MSN respond to various social networking/Inbound linking strategies. The architect of this proven strategy, Mr. Arner has developed a state of the art, leading edge internet marketing process that is routinely getting 95% of clients a page 1 organic ranking on the major engines within 90 days. This proprietary method has its roots firmly planted in Web 2.0 using corporate blog marketing, strategic inbound linking and social networking strategies that are now gaining a great deal of popularity around the world. When asked about this technique, Marc Arner said, "Most SEO firms are experts in one, two or even three areas of internet marketing, but very few if any have a deep understanding of how all the important components that make up a solid Internet Marketing campaign should be seamlessly woven together in sync. It's that broad level of understanding that really separates ThinkBIG from the pack."

"Many organizations of various size and scope throughout industry have struggled for years trying to figure out how the search engines operate, what criteria is used to rank websites and most difficult of all, how to get a website highly ranked 'organically' on the major search engines such as Google. ThinkBIGsites.com has mastered this technique and is now one of the fastest growing Internet Marketing companies in the world with revenues increasing at a staggering rate of 20% per month," said Managing Partner PJ Cammarata.

Web 2.0 or the "humanization of the internet" has changed everything when it comes to Internet Marketing. With the advent of blog marketing, video blogging and social networking in general, an entirely new industry has emerged lead by many new popular, social media websites such as: YouTube, My Space, Facebook, Craigslist, StumbleUpon, Digg, LinkedIn and Wikipedia to name just a few.

Unlike in years past, website owners around the world can now rest easy knowing that there are knowledgeable experts in the Internet Marketing field such as ThinkBIGsites.com who can help them with all of their web related needs especially the most formidable of which is increasing their online visibility via the major search engines. Creating value in a website, putting it front and center so that potential customers can find you within seconds has forever changed the way the world does business.

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