July 3, 2008

District Businesses Benefit From Hi-Tech Partnership Between TechAssist and the DC Chamber of Commerce

This month, the DC Chamber of Commerce and TechAssist announced the formation of a strategic partnership which aims to provide access to technology for small and medium-sized businesses in the District of Columbia.

The range of new technologies on the market today can prove challenging to even experienced users. The expense of purchasing, installing and training on these technologies is often a time consuming and cost-prohibitive process that keeps small business from adopting new technologies. Nonetheless, new technologies have the potential to significantly improve the way our local businesses do business by improving efficiency, enhancing productivity and creating a competitive advantage. Through this strategic partnership, businesses in the District now have access to the expert guidance they need to not only upgrade their technological capabilities, but to maximize the return on their investment.

Examples of these technologies include:

-- Interactive work spaces

-- Telecommuting

-- Networking office equipment (printers, fax, copiers, etc.)

-- Computer and software updates

-- Electronic security and back-ups

-- E-marketing

-- New media (website, email, teleconferencing, podcasts, blogs, etc.)

-- And much more.

"Business technology has come a long way in the past few years, and it continues to evolve at a rapid pace," said Barbara Lang, President & CEO of the DC Chamber of Commerce. "Many of our local businesses just can't keep up--and that's where we come in. The Chamber's partnership with TechAssist will enable us to make emerging technologies easily accessible to all members of the District business community, whether it's a multi-million dollar corporation or the mom-and-pop restaurant on the corner. Implementing the right technology will improve efficiency, reduce mistakes, and boost your bottom line. Those are the competitive advantages that our businesses need to succeed in today's economic climate."

TechAssist CEO Nick Vossburg said: "This new partnership is win-win-win: it's a win for the DC Chamber, which is now positioned to be the most technologically advanced organization of its kind; it's a win for TechAssist, because we're now able to connect with a wealth of businesses in need of our technological guidance; and most importantly, it's a win for the District business community, which can now capitalize on the many benefits made possible through new technology."

Through this partnership, local businesses will have the ability to learn about new technologies and best practices through a series of programs and educational workshops designed to make new technologies more available to business. In addition, the partnership will give even small businesses access to strategic guidance currently only available to large businesses with enterprise IT departments.

The DC Chamber of Commerce (www.dcchamber.org) is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to improving business and tourism throughout the District. Boasting nearly 2,000 member businesses, the Chamber has a powerful impact on both local legislation and the overall economic climate of the city. The Chamber aggressively pursues its goal of expanding the economy in Washington, D.C. by attracting new jobs and creating opportunities for our members and citizens. The Chamber also remains committed to the future growth and development of our community by supporting the arts, education, international trade, and government affairs.

TechAssist (www.techassistllc.com) is a leading provider of Managed IT Services to small and mid size organizations. Services include Strategic Consulting, IT Support, and Technology Development and Implementations. TechAssist currently has locations in Washington, D.C. and Pittsburgh, PA.