July 4, 2008

IBM Settles Patent Dispute With Platform Solutions Buy

IBM has acquired mainframe clone manufacturer Platform Solutions for an undisclosed sum. As a result of the acquisition both the companies have dropped their respective patent-infringement allegations and claims.

Platform Solutions will be integrated in the System z business unit of the IBM Systems and Technology Group, and its technologies and intellectual capital will become part of IBM's long-term mainframe product engineering cycles and future product plans.

IBM sued Platform Solutions in December 2006, alleging the company's Intel-based mainframe emulator systems infringed its patents on the z/OS operating system for the System Z and its OS/390 mainframe operating system. Platform Solutions countersued IBM in January 2007, alleging IBM violated a European Commission prohibition on abuse of market dominance by refusing to supply interface information relating to mainframe computers and refusing to license third parties.

Anne Altman, general manager at IBM System z, said: "IBM's strategy is to continually evolve our mainframe technology to help our clients tackle the most demanding business issues. We will continue to move the mainframe forward through both IBM innovation and by acquiring new technologies. We welcome Platform Solutions and look forward to collaborating with them."