July 7, 2008

OKI Develops CenterStage(R) NX4300, a Security Gateway With Translator Function for IPv4 Depletion Countermeasures

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6703) today announced it has developed "CenterStage(R) NX4300," a security gateway with a translator function to allow communications over different protocols, i.e. IPv4 and IPv6. The new device will be provided to the large-scale telecom carriers in Japan.

Broadband subscribers for ADSL and fiber-to-the-home have been increasing in Japan, and as the network environment progresses in other Asian countries, it is estimated that IPv4 addresses will deplete as soon as 2010. Therefore, shifting to IPv6 for a longer term solution is required. However, during the transition period, it will be necessary to implement measures to extend the IPv4 network duration while establishing new IPv6 networks, and achieve interworking among them.

"We plan to launch the NX4300 to the Japanese market in the end of the fiscal year ending March 2009 and believe it will help as a countermeasure against IPv4 depletion," said Masasuke Kishi, President of Network Solutions Company at OKI. "Going forward, we will contribute to the shift to and expansion of the IPv6 network, while enhancing NAT(1) functions and the capacity of the existing IPv4 network."

OKI's newly developed NX4300 includes a translator function to enable interwork between IPv4 and IPv6. The system adopts the ATCA(2) platform and network processor, achieving carrier-grade translator equipment with high-speed processing and high-availability. The latter is achieved by using OKI's original CenterStage HAPF middleware, while high-speed is achieved through application of unique OKI know how. The system includes 8Gbps throughput per blade and can be expanded to a maximum of 10 blades.

Aiming the full-scale deployment of NGN, OKI will offer an NX series with models having enhanced security gateway functions through the addition of a DPI(3) function, security functions compatible with IPv6, and other features.


(1) NAT: Network Address Translation

(2) ATCA: Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture

(3) DPI: Deep Packet inspection

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