July 7, 2008

Meridian-Based Clear Voice Finds Niche in VoIP Market

By Hicken, Robb

When DK Commercial began looking for a new VoIP (Voice-over- Internet Protocol) system three years ago it checked out all the products on the market.

"We interviewed all the vendors, and everyone has their phone systems," said Debbie Martin, principal of DK Commercial in Meridian. "They not only want you to buy their phone system, but they want you to buy their box."

Most companies are asking clients to buy and host a phone room system and software to run it.

DK ultimately settled on Meridian-based Clear Voice Telecom, which Martin said was unique at the time. The system that was presented to them used a computer and the Internet.

"We looked at it and wondered: 'The Internet?'" she said.

Finding the right system that bundles and packages the cable, phone and Internet system together is something that most companies look for. Clear Voice Telecom is just one of a number of companies offering VoIP systems, and the number continues to grow.

DK Commercial chose the Clear Voice system because it met all the needs of the commercial real estate business. DK provides service for vendors, owners and consumers. Martin said staying in contact with everyone involved was essential and demanding.

"I'm on the road a lot, so it's easy with the new system to call right back from the voice mail," she said. "With the new system you have that option; calls forward to you from your desk, because it's your desk number. You can take your e-mail with you, check the office by dialing an extension, and more," she said.

Having those options are why Martin said she has continued with Clear Voice Telecom.

Kelly Ryan, V.P. sales and marketing for Clear Voice, said the system that was put together for DK Commercial included data, phone and Internet.

Originally founded as Extreme Media Technologies, and referred to often as XMT3, the company was launched in June 2004 with the mission of bringing the advantages of VoIP to small- and mid-sized companies that couldn't otherwise afford the new technology. The name XMT3 signified the company's intention to deliver voice, data, and video to its customers over a standard Internet connection.

Fortune 500 companies have been implementing VoIP for decades because it reduces cost, improves efficiencies, simplifies networking infrastructure, makes better use of network bandwidth and enhances manageability.

"All of these attributes could benefit small- to mid-sized organizations as well. However, smaller companies could not afford the capital required to implement a VoIP solution," Ryan said.

Clear Voice Telecom saw a marketplace where it could provide the infrastructure that would significantly reduce the capital required for companies to join in to the next generation of convergent technologies, she said. By hosting the customer's phone system and providing Internet services to the customer, the company could reduce the customer's cost of ownership while enabling them to take advantage of the new VoIP technologies.

The first Extreme Media Technologies office was located in Casper, Wyo., with a staff of five. The company grew modestly and it was determined that it would benefit from moving to a city that was growing and had a larger market space.

In February 2005, XMT3 moved to Idaho and today is headquartered on South Cobalt Point Way in Meridian. The company began to thrive and grow in the Treasure Valley market. That success motivated management to begin looking at other locations that fit the same rapid growth potential the company was experiencing in Idaho.

By November 2005, XMT3 set its sites on Las Vegas, Nevada. The company expanded its network and built a small office there. Today, Las Vegas is a thriving marketplace with the potential for explosive growth.

In September 2007, the company changed its name to Clear Voice Telecom in September 2007. The name change was needed, Ryan said, to ensure that the company's customers and potential customers clearly understood what services it provided.

Credit: Robb Hicken

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