July 7, 2008

‘Worth Keeping’ Test From PlentyofFish.Com

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Just like your mother always said, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." She was warning you against settling for an unsatisfying romance. Markus Frind, founder and CEO of the free dating site PlentyofFish.com, proves the point with 700,000 daily member logins, and millions of romances since the site was started in 2003.

The new "Worth Keeping Test" is a 28-point questionnaire designed to tell you whether to reel him or her in, or to cut bait. The test is for those thinking of entering a relationship, or are in a new relationship. While compatibility tests are common on online dating sites, the Worth Keeping Test offers a new tool for those already in relationships.

Often, people will waste time and energy on a relationship that will never really blossom, according to Frind. Too often, daters will cling to one person too long, only to find their needs continuing to go unmet.

The new test inquires as to whether your intended takes you out with friends, keeps your picture on a desk at work, is polite to strangers, says I love you in public without mumbling, and who makes the sacrifices in the relationship. Other questions rate the physical attraction of the relationship, the friendship level and whether your dating partner makes you feel attractive. Issues like worrying, drinking and feelings of worth are assessed.

The scoring ranges along four points from strong disagreement to strong agreement and measures on four determining characteristics on a sliding scale. Connected to Aloof, to determine the level of bonding. Buoyant to Temperamental, for mood. Virtuous to Indifferent, tests respect for others. Expressive to Guarded, tests communication levels.

Frind believes that relationships can be measured for success. He does not promote, "when in doubt throw it out." but does believe in testing the waters. "If it is a struggle and there are too many differences, get back on PlentyofFish.com and find a better fit. Nothing is more important to your long-term happiness than finding a good mate," said Frind. Or just listen to your mother. She'll agree.

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