July 7, 2008

German Service Provider HL Komm Adopts Packet Design’s Traffic Explorer to Manage Growing IP Network

HL komm Telekommunikations, a regional service provider in eastern Germany, has deployed a Traffic Explorer route and Netflow analysis system from Packet Design to manage the growing IP network which provides its customers with Internet access, data and voice over IP (VoIP) services.

Traffic Explorer enables HL komm to monitor customer traffic as it moves from end to end over the backbone network, helping the Leipzig-based service provider to do more effective troubleshooting and capacity planning, and to make cost-effective decisions about peering relationships with other providers outside the region.

Gregor Turpe, design engineer at HL komm, said the need for more visibility into routing and traffic became apparent over the last several years as HL komm's network grew into a major backbone spanning many cities and offering converged services to business customers and other carriers. Today that backbone carries data and voice traffic to more than 50,000 end users, many of them purchasers of "triple play" service packages through HL komm's cable-provider partners.

"As we expanded our IP backbone to increase network capacity, we suddenly had a lot of bandwidth, many more routers and much more complexity to manage," Turpe said. "And when we added IP-based voice services, the network's stability and the need to avoid service degradation became much more important. We were in need of new tools."

On a daily basis, HL komm uses Traffic Explorer to diagnose network problems on its Cisco router-based network and find their causes. "Traffic Explorer is the only tool that gathers routing and Netflow information and creates an overlay that shows the impact of routing changes on traffic activity," Turpe said. "Because it keeps current and historical traffic data for every link in the network, if one of our customers experienced a problem with its traffic last Friday between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., we can actually 'rewind' the network to that exact time and see what changes in the routing led to the problem."

HL komm also uses Traffic Explorer to help make critical decisions about key peering and transit relationships.

"With our network growing, we plan to connect to a number of new peers and transit providers," Turpe said. "Before, there was no way to know which peerings would be the most cost-effective, or whether we should contract with a provider to handle 300 megabits of traffic or 500 or 700. We had to go through a trial-and-error process, actually connecting and disconnecting transit providers to find out what worked. With Traffic Explorer, we can determine in advance the impact of any peering, and make the right decision about which new providers to connect and which old ones to disconnect. This saves us money in transit costs and helps us deliver more competitive services."

Traffic Explorer is the only IP network management system to combine traffic-flow data with network-wide "path awareness" to reveal the consequences of routing changes on application and service delivery. Users gain unprecedented visibility into layer 3 (routing) operations for troubleshooting problems, engineering networks for maximum efficiency, and planning for change and growth. Traffic Explorer consists of a small set of network appliances that collect traffic-flow (e.g., Netflow) data at key points of entry into the network, aggregate and compute those flows across the topology, and monitor how traffic changes as routing changes. Historical traffic and routing data are stored in a data base for analysis, diagnosis and planning.

About HL komm

HL komm Telekommunikations Gmbh is a regional telecommunications carrier formed in 2000 from the merger of three local carriers in the Region Leipzig-Halle of Germany. The Leipzig-based company also has offices in Halle, Chemnitz and Dresden, and operates municipal networks in 11 German cities. HL komm owns a fiber, SDH, DSL and IP network infrastructure and provides business customers, national and international carriers and ISPs with highly resilient access to next-generation data, voice and Internet services. For more information, visit www.hlkomm.de.

About Packet Design, Inc.

Packet Design, Inc., pioneered the field of route analytics and is the leading supplier of network appliances that provide routing-layer visibility into IP networks. The company's products create an accurate layer 3 topology map, analyze routing events, and provide a unique end-to-end, "path-aware" view of network traffic (including MPLS-VPN customer traffic), letting network engineers quickly pinpoint network problems and accurately model changes. Packet Design solutions help manage networks in hundreds of organizations, including many of the world's largest service providers, global enterprises (financial, retail pharmaceutical and other firms), government agencies and educational institutions.

Packet Design was founded in March 2003 by serial entrepreneur and former Cisco Chief Technology Officer Judy Estrin and former Cisco Chief Scientist Van Jacobson. For more information, visit www.packetdesign.com.