July 7, 2008

Compete Unveils Comprehensive New Online Measurement Service

Compete, Inc., a leading web analytics company and unit of TNS media, today announced Compete PRO, a comprehensive online measurement service that combines site analytics, search analytics and audience measurement in a single service. The self-service solution, found at www.compete.com, puts the industry's richest source of online consumer data at brand marketers', product marketers' and search marketers' fingertips.

"Compete PRO gives marketers a single place to go for premium-grade online metrics, something that until now was available to only a select few," said Stephen DiMarco, chief marketing officer at Compete. "We designed the platform around the way online marketers work, addressing their feedback that other data providers are too costly, don't enable them to drill down into critical segments and aren't built to translate what they see into revenue-generating results."

Compete PRO gives marketers easy access to reliable data about consumers and tools to put that data into immediate action within their marketing programs. To the already successful Compete.com, it adds new metrics, new reports and new payment plans to make premium-grade online metrics more accessible and affordable to online marketers. Compete PRO offers:

-- Search analytics: new search term, site and market category report packages so brands and agencies can ascertain competitors' strategies and then adjust their own.

-- Site analytics: new metrics, daily updates and a full 25 months of history reporting on Reach, Page View and Visitor Engagement for more than 1,000,000 websites.

-- Ranked lists: downloadable lists of up to 500,000 sites for the fastest-growing, most influential sites across multiple categories delivering the most comprehensive view of Internet traffic.

With Compete PRO, brand managers can see where their websites fit in the larger landscape of the Web and on which sites to place ads, product managers can see the impact their competitors' latest site redesigns are having on visitor engagement and search marketers can see which companies are doing the best job of using the search keywords that are most important to their clients. Compete PRO lets each of these potential subscribers benefit dramatically from self-service, monthly budgeted access to audience measurement and analytics.

Historically, Compete has helped the world's largest brands better understand and reach customers based on the largest, most diverse and most precise online behavior data in the industry. Now, with Compete PRO, the company is fulfilling its mission to be THE go-to resource for all online marketers.

Compete PRO is available in three packages, with pricing that graduates in step with marketers as they demand more from their online metrics. Marketers can set monthly online measurement budgets and then upgrade to receive greater detail about a particular segment or industry. At each level, which includes Intro ($199), Standard ($299), Advanced ($499), a subscriber receives greater access to audience measurement, search marketing and web analytics data. Enterprise-level packages are also available for larger companies that have multiple offices or market multiple brands.

About Compete, Inc.

Compete, a unit of TNS media, helps the world's top brands improve their marketing based on the online behavior of millions of consumers. Leading marketers such as Carlson Hotels Worldwide, Hyundai Motor America, Upromise, Chrysler, and Verizon Wireless rely on Compete's services to create effective online experiences and highly profitable advertising campaigns. Compete's online behavior database - the largest in the industry - makes the web as engrained in marketing as it is in people's lives.

Compete was founded in 2000 and is located in Boston, MA, with offices throughout the U.S. For more information about us, please visit http://www.competeinc.com/, or to join the conversation visit http://www.compete.com/.

About TNS media

Established in more than 30 countries, TNS media explores all the media - print, radio, TV, Internet, social media, cinema and outdoors worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers a full range of insights, analyses and audience measurement services.

TNS media combines the deepest expertise in the industry to provide media and marketing intelligence including advertising expenditure monitoring, advertising creation monitoring, audience measurement, market influence analytics, online consumer behavior tracking, news monitoring, sports sponsorship evaluation and more. The TNS Media companies track more than 3 million brands and provide vital market intelligence to 16,000 customers in the world.

TNS is the sixth sense of business(TM).

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