July 8, 2008

Stonesoft Enters Strategic Partnership With Algeria Telecom

Stonesoft, an innovative provider of integrated network security and resilient connectivity solutions announced today that they have entered a strategic partnership with the leading national telecommunications company Algeria Telecom. The first order related to the partnership at the value of more than EUR 700,000 has already been delivered to the Algerian Ministry of Healthcare in June 2008.

In Algeria, businesses are currently building their network infrastructures, which creates new demands for network security and resilient connectivity. Algeria Telecom, the leading national network infrastructure provider, has selected StoneGate(TM) solutions for secure network connectivity. Algeria Telecom and Stonesoft have been working together for several years to secure the information flow of Algerian businesses.

The StoneGate solution is comprised of the StoneGate Firewall/VPN for resilient connectivity and the StoneGate IPS for advanced intrusion prevention, all centrally managed with the StoneGate Management Center.

"Algeria Telecom is continuously investing to better adapt to our customer's needs. In practice, this means Algeria Telecom has a strategic focus on developing and building partnerships with leading technology providers," said Moussa Benhamadi, CEO of Algeria Telecom.

"We are proud to provide Algeria Telecom with network security through our integrated StoneGate network solutions. Algeria Telecom is the leading network infrastructure provider and the preferred partner for many companies in Algeria. This partnership further manifests our unconditional commitment to meet our customer's network security needs and expectations also in the largest and most critical service offerings," said Ilkka Hiidenheimo, CEO of Stonesoft Corporation.

The first order related to the partnership has already been delivered to the Algerian Ministry of Healthcare in June 2008. The order, at the value of more than EUR 700,000 was related to the second phase of a project through which the Ministry of Healthcare will modernize its network. "This important project allows the interconnection of more than 550 remote sites around the national territory," highlights Benhamadi.

"Algeria is a country with demanding geographical measures and distribution, where the security and reliability of network infrastructure and remote connections are crucial," said Kim Fagernas, Vice President, APAC & Emerging Markets of Stonesoft. "Stonesoft has already a strong position in the North African network security market, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated and dynamic. I believe Algerian companies will truly benefit from our cooperation with Algeria Telecom and that this will also further strengthen our position with respect to other countries in this market."

About Stonesoft

Stonesoft Corporation (OMX: SFT1V) is an innovative provider of integrated network security solutions to secure the information flow of distributed organizations. Stonesoft customers include enterprises with growing business needs requiring advanced network security and always-on business connectivity.

StoneGate(TM) Secure Connectivity Solution unifies firewall, VPN, IPS and SSL VPN blending network security, end-to-end availability and award-winning load balancing into a centrally managed system. The key benefits of StoneGate secure connectivity solution include low TCO, excellent price-performance ratio and high ROI. The virtual StoneGate solution protects the network and ensures business continuity in both virtual and physical network environments.

StoneGate Management Center provides centralized management for StoneGate Firewall with VPN, IPS and SSL VPN. StoneGate Firewall and IPS work together to provide intelligent defense throughout the enterprise network while StoneGate SSL VPN provides enhanced security for mobile and remote use.

Founded in 1990, Stonesoft Corporation is a global company with corporate headquarters in Helsinki, Finland and Americas headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit www.stonesoft.com.