July 8, 2008

Order Food Online Without Leaving Your Office or Home With Mymealworld.Com

NEW YORK, July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Restaurant owners and their customers across the U.S.A. are rejoicing over a site that is often called the Craigslist of the restaurant industry. The site provides restaurant owners ability to place their menus online, take orders online, and users to place food orders online with No contracts, No fees, and No obligation whatsoever.

mymealworld.com is described as a convenient way for people to order food online from restaurants in your local area, at the exact price that you would pay otherwise. It is convenient because people can order food without leaving their computer, or picking up the phone, in minutes. The site is built to handle restaurants anywhere in the U.S.A.

There have been competitors in this industry such as seamlessweb and delivery.com. However, many restaurant owners have expressed that those websites are known to lock owners into contractual obligations and charge percentages which most restaurants would rather not pay.

For restaurant owners, My Meal World is a great service as well because they can list their restaurant for free, maintain their menu and expand their business, exposure and popularity by taking orders online. Most of all, there are no contractual obligations or fees of any kind.

   The service works as follows:    -- Users enter their zip code and browse a list of restaurants willing       to deliver to their area.    -- The user selects a restaurant and browses their menu.    -- The user selects items, and the restaurant is then sent the order by       fax or email.    -- The restaurant delivers the order, and the customer pays the delivery       boy/girl as normal.     Simple as that.  

Furthermore, users can create a profile which has the ability to save a user's information so they can place them again in the future, without having to fill out extra information.

My Meal World hopes to be big in the restaurant industry, so be sure to check them out whether you are just the average food patron, or a restaurant owner. Their website is here: http://www.mymealworld.com/


CONTACT: Danny Rajani of mymealworld.com, +1-917-821-6136,[email protected]

Web site: http:/www.mymealworld.com