July 8, 2008

New Symbiont Boot Stick Provides Direct Remote Access to Terminal Servers

The Symbiont(TM) Boot Stick, which plugs into the USB port of any USB-bootable PC, laptop, traditional thin client or stateless thin client for direct remote access to corporate terminal servers, has been introduced by Symbio Technologies (www.symbio-technologies.com).

Smaller than a single piece of chewing gum folded over, the Symbiont Boot Stick was developed by Symbio Technologies, whose innovative approach to server-centric, stateless computing has won certifications, awards and contracts from the private and public sectors.

The Symbiont Boot Stick supports virtually any type of computer, and uses its own operating system to power the hardware and to connect the user to terminal servers. It has a web browser and can run an Adobe(R) Flash presentation, making it ideal for connecting teleworkers, mobile workers, branch offices and students directly to their server-based desktop. And, because data is controlled by the IT administrator at all times, data breaches and losses are minimized.

'A New Level of Ease-of-Use'

"The Symbiont Boot Stick was engineered specifically to bring a new level of ease-of-use to today's mobile world," said Gideon Romm, co-founder and CTO of Symbio Technologies. "Administrators can intuitively configure the Symbiont Boot Stick with a few mouse clicks, and when the user plugs it in, it just works!"

The Symbiont Boot Stick is a hardware-based plug-and-play thin client solution that keeps the administration in control of the network and the user in control of his or her time, he said. The administrator can even enable/disable the ability to store files on the Symbiont Boot Stick itself to meet the security requirements of their organization.

"The bottom line is that the Symbiont Boot Stick is so easy to use that even CEOs or CFOs can connect instantly to their office servers . . . even if a virus has crippled their laptops," mused Mr. Romm.

The new Symbiont Boot Stick has a one-year limited warranty and is available from Symbio Technologies' global network of value-added resellers.

About Symbio Technologies

Symbio Technologies is a leading developer and marketer of security-centric "stateless" computing. Symbio's innovative hardware, software and services reduce the time, complexity and cost of deploying and maintaining computer networks. Symbio's secure, simple and environmentally friendly solution consists of Symbiont Certified Network Terminals -- also called "diskless thin clients" -- that connect to a network in place of expensive PCs. Symbio products are available worldwide through a network of distributors, value-added resellers and integrators in Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, Pakistan, South Africa, and the U.K., as well as throughout the U.S.

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