July 8, 2008

ZANA Network’s Unique Worldwide Partnership Portal Helps Small & Medium Businesses Boost Revenue

ZANA Network, the world's largest contract portal and business development resource for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worldwide, today announced an industry-defining partnership portal to help companies expand and build business relationships and partnerships locally, nationally and globally. The ZANA Network partnering platform is the largest of its kind worldwide, enabling members to easily search for and evaluate partners across town or across the globe. Moreover, ZANA Network provides access to receivables insurance, credit reports and a rating system to mitigate the risk of doing business with potential partners.

"Companies around the world want to do business with U.S. firms because American companies are seen as the inventors and risk takers. ZANA Network makes it easy for U.S.-based SMEs to build partnerships locally and internationally that can boost revenue. Hard times call for creative approaches to expand a company's growth, such as entering new international markets, building synergies to create greater exposure, or getting the scalability needed to qualify for larger government contracts," said Howard Keating, CEO, ZANA Network. "Small businesses come to ZANA Network because we help them find partnering prospects easily, enabling them to make the business deals that help get them out of the slump."

"Many companies want to do business in other countries so they can expand their revenue base in particular markets," Keating added. "But often they don't know how to do it. ZANA Network takes the mystery out of doing business globally, by allowing members to search for like-minded partners who can represent them country by country and to make lucrative business deals."

Clayton Yeutter, Former Secretary of Agriculture, Former President and Chairman of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and currently a Partner at Hogan & Hartson, an international law firm, said, "You don't need to assemble the wheel; ZANA Network will provide the wheel for you. There are a lot of spokes in this wheel involving trade and we'll give you the spokes."

According to Ralph Clumeck, President and CEO of CFS International, "Once SMEs get to know who their foreign partners are through ZANA Network, once they get to understand how to mitigate the risk in selling to those companies, and finally figuring out a way to finance that transaction, we see them growing their businesses very successfully."

The partnership portal meets an important need, according to Patrick Kirwan, Director of Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee, U.S. Department of Commerce. "We regularly hear international companies ask, 'Where are the American companies?' Now with ZANA Network, we can answer that question. ZANA Network serves up opportunities for small businesses to team with international partners on opportunities large and small - and vice versa. In emerging markets in particular, small businesses are hungry to do joint ventures and now they have a resource to broadcast their business interests," Kirwan said.

About ZANA Network

ZANA Network, LLC is the world's largest partnership and contractual portal where SMEs can access business opportunities and contracts locally, nationally and globally, as well as search for and build partnerships, distributorships and alliances in the United States and abroad. It has the ability to finance transactions in approximately 240 countries and territories. ZANA Network is also a marketplace for SMEs where they can find or sell products and services and hire sales agents, manufacturers and assemblers. It provides invaluable access to business guidance, international trade consulates, accountants, attorneys and trade experts. Membership costs $200 a year and can pay for itself in just one transaction. For more information, visit www.zananetwork.com. To learn more about ZANA Network, please see our Declaration of Independence at www.zananetwork.com/about/culture-values/sme-declaration/index.aspx and our widget page at http://www.zananetwork.com/widgets/index.aspx.