July 10, 2008

AlertSite Introduces the Next Generation of Web Site Load Testing

Load testing technology takes a giant step forward today with the introduction of AlertSite's On-Demand Load Testing. This new service allows businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily test the limits of their Web applications to ensure their systems will perform optimally under the heaviest anticipated loads.

"Nobody should deploy a Web site without first knowing whether it can do the job expected of it," says Ken Gross, President and CEO of AlertSite. "Every day Web sites are launched or upgraded without any load testing whatsoever, or with legacy load testing approaches that don't simulate an authentic user load. That's a prescription for disaster. AlertSite's On-Demand Load Testing will help identify scalability issues, bolster the infrastructure, and ultimately keep the site from crashing so visitors are never disappointed."

AlertSite's On-Demand Load Testing puts the insight and risk mitigation of load testing within the reach of any knowledge worker, IT professional, or business executive. Leveraging the power of software-as-a-service, users can log-on from anywhere in the world to start testing their Web applications, without having to learn a scripting language, buy special servers, deploy special software, or hire a bevy of consultants. On-Demand Load Testing harnesses the power of AlertSite's DejaClick(TM) technology to simplify the typically difficult and time consuming test, design, and setup process.

Using On-Demand Load Testing with DejaClick, anyone can build, deploy and review the results of their load tests quickly and easily. Load tests are automatically deployed into AlertSite's global On-Demand Load Test platform, which is capable of simulating web traffic from thousands of concurrent users. Results from the test are then generated instantly into an on-demand report that provides a comprehensive breakdown of Web site performance at a given user load over a specified time frame.

And because it's SaaS, AlertSite's On-Demand Load Testing lets customers test specified URLs at any time, on a pay-as-you-go basis. They can specify the number of simultaneous Web site users to simulate for any given test, determine times of day when testing should be automatically performed, and create and reuse scripts as often as they like.

AlertSite's On-Demand Load Testing service is available now, at http://www.alertsite.com/ondemand.shtml. For more information about AlertSite's array of services including its Business Transaction Monitor with DejaClick(TM), Security Vulnerability Scan, and SLA Performance Monitor, call an AlertSite Web performance advisor at 877-302-5378.


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