July 10, 2008

GigOptix Partner With Pangaea (HK) Ltd. To Pioneer Advanced Drivers Technology for the Chinese ULH Optical Communication Systems

GigOptix, the leading provider of electronic engines for the optically connected digital world announces today the successful fruits of its partnership with Pangaea (HK) Ltd.

Pangaea successfully penetrated a leading global provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions in China with the iT6134. The GigOptix modulator driver has been adopted into mass production in one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and will lead to expanded part implementations ranging from ultra-long haul to metro.

China is seen as a key market because it is quickly adopting and deploying the technology that is targeted by the GigOptix portfolio of products. The datacom and telecom manufacturers in China have performed well in recent years, both in revenue growth and increased market share.

"We are proud and honored to be partnered with Pangaea, as they display exemplary leadership, drive and professionalism. We have entrusted Pangaea in representing both GigOptix and our products to companies that can benefit from our unique solutions," states Vivek Rajgharia, vice president of global sales at GigOptix. "Pangaea is central to our success in China and with their help, our China market penetration is well on track."

"GigOptix provides us with a toolbox that is full of quality products that many of our customers are in want of," explains Richard Fung, CEO & president of Pangaea. "When companies such as GigOptix have what the customers need and want, the relationship can grow strong as we support one another."

The iT6134 is optimized for 11.1 Gb/s long-haul EML and LiNBO3 applications. It can be used to drive both Electro-Absorption (EA) and Mach-Zehnder modulators in fiber optic transceivers and line cards employed in metro and long-haul lightwave communication systems. the iT6134 is in full production with parts available in a small form factor ceramic SMT package.

About Pangaea (HK) Ltd

Pangaea (HK) Ltd. was established in 1990. The Company is an international sales and marketing company with expertise in distributing a wide range of components including lightwave, RF & microwave, commercial lasers and IC for communication system. Pangaea has a broad customer base in China. Many of the Company's customers are pioneers in the telecommunication industry in both infrastructure and terminals. The cornerstone of the Company's strategy is to provide to business partners with the leverages for competitive advantages they need to succeed globally. With a highly professional team and a wealth of experience and resources, Pangaea is able to help customers in a diverse and demanding market environment by offering services in R&D, design as well as supplying tailored solutions to customers for production of RF, microwave and optical fiber communication system and handsets. For more information, please visit www.pangaea.com.hk.

About GigOptix, LLC

GigOptix is a leading fab-less semiconductor manufacturer of electronic engines for the optically connected digital world. It offers the industries' widest selection of high speed optical Physical Media Dependent (PMD) ICs with a portfolio including modulator drivers, laser drivers and TIAs for telecom, datacom, Infiniband and consumer optical systems, from 3.125G-100G, covering all laser technologies, serial and parallel. GigOptix is a privately held company registered in California, USA with headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and subsidiary GigOptix-Helix AG in Zurich, Switzerland. For more information, please visit www.GigOptix.com.