July 11, 2008

ILS Expands secureWISE Platform into New Application Areas

ILS Technology, engaged in enabling intelligence through connectivity, has announced that its customers have expanded their deployment of secureWISE with new applications to increase manufacturing efficiency.

ILS Technology's secureWISE remote collaboration technology enables a secure method of passing critical productivity information between fabs, equipment suppliers, customers and other engineers - without jeopardizing the integrity of the IP running on the processing equipment.

The secureWISE software-as-a-service model provides semiconductor manufacturers and equipment OEMS with secure networking, collaboration and remote control previously only available as a capital purchase.

The secureWISE combines the real-time, on-demand collaborative environment of ILS Technology's eCentre software and its ServiceNET VPN architecture by leveraging hardware and software to provide an defense-in-depth security system that links development teams, fabs and supply chain partners worldwide.