July 14, 2008

Telehouse to Extend NYIIX’s Reach to Its Headquarters

Telehouse International Corporation of America, a provider of data centers, collocation facilities, international internet exchanges, and managed IT services, has announced plans to extend NYIIX's reach to the company's facility and headquarter located at the Teleport in Staten Island by fourth quarter of 2008.

Telehouse also announced they would be adding quagga-based route servers to both their NYIIX and LAIIX exchange points. According to the company, with the addition of route server access, its customers will experience advanced peering with multiple simultaneous network routes. This project is expected to be completed by the beginning of third quarter of 2008.

Akio Sugeno, director of internet engineering and operations at Telehouse, said: "Each of these expansions offers prospective media, entertainment, financial, legal, government and health industry clients extended accessibility and improved connection to major providers in a much larger network space."