July 14, 2008

Grocery Shopping Network Adds BI-LO’s 220 Stores to Their Growing Ad Network

Grocery Shopping Network (GSN) announced today that it has added BI-LO stores, which operate in the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee, to its list of grocery store website partners. Grocery Shopping Network will be supporting the 220-store chain on a new BI-LO initiative - MY BI-LO, a website designed to be an "online personal shopping assistant."

Consumers can use their BI-LO BONUSCARD at www.bi-lo.com to set up their own MY BI-LO profile which then enables them to find recipes to meet their specific dietary needs, watch cooking demos, plan their next shopping trip, and much more. The Grocery Shopping Network's immense recipe database, which includes helpful nutritional and dietary content on more than 64,000 recipes, is one of the main features of the new site.

"MY BI-LO will be a great addition to our main website because it enables consumers to customize the information they want to receive from us, and it fosters ongoing dialogue with our customers," explained John Conroy, BI-LO Senior Manager of Consumer Marketing. "The Grocery Shopping Network's recipe database, which has thousands of recipes that fit very specific dietary requirements, is a great addition to our site. GSN is a leading edge web strategy company, and we look forward to working with them to make MY BI-LO one of the most consumer-centric websites in our industry."

In addition to checking out the thousands of recipes on GSN and developing a personalized weekly meal planner, MY BI-LO visitors will be able to refill or transfer prescriptions, get coupons, order flowers, watch cooking videos, check their BONUSCARD points, and much more.

Vic Tortorici, Senior Vice President of Sales for GSN, said, "BI-LO is a great addition to GSN's ad network. We're working with a great operations team at BI-LO, and we're confident they will execute flawlessly on all the GSN tools and solutions."

About BI-LO

Headquartered in Mauldin, S.C., BI-LO operates 220 supermarkets in the Carolinas, Georgia and Tennessee and employs approximately 16,200 people.

About Grocery Shopping Network

Grocery Shopping Network provides grocery retailers' Web sites with a suite of proprietary software products that integrate shopping list building, recipes and meal planning with relevant, focused advertising content. GSN (www.groceryshopping.net) brings together the Web and the in-store supermarket shopping experience. A GSN-powered site enables consumers to seamlessly shop their store, be presented with sales and promotions in the context of the items they are planning to purchase, access and save recipes for the items they plan to purchase, plan meals and utilize the many discount offers (including coupons) made available by brand manufacturers.