Broadcast Gets Patent for Video Compression Technology

July 14, 2008

Broadcast International, a provider of video-powered broadcast solutions, has announced that CodecSys, its multi-codec video compression technology, has been granted a patent from the Mexico patent office.

The technology slashes bandwidth requirements for video transmitted over satellite, cable, IP, and wireless media. CodecSys allows, for example, up to twelve HDTV channels to be broadcast over the same media which currently support only two.

CodecSys video compression technology enables multiple expert codecs (used in the compression of video signals for transmission) to be used to minimize the bandwidth required to transmit video over bandwidth-constrained networks such as the internet. Other solutions use only a single, general purpose codec, and require up to six times more bandwidth to transmit the same video.

The Mexico patent is the eighth international patent allowed for Broadcast International’s CodecSys video compression technology. Patents for the core CodecSys multi-codec switching technology have also been granted in the US, Australia, Singapore, India, Korea, Malaysia and Russia.

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