July 14, 2008

Internet TV Leaps Ahead in China

BEIJING, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- With its announcement that it has secured Internet TV broadcasting rights to this summer's Olympic Games, UUSee is on the verge of orchestrating one of the world's largest real-time interactive TV events. UUSee, the leading Internet TV and interactive broadcasting service operator in China with almost 100 million users, is partnering with CCTV.com, China's largest TV network and the only authorized Olympic TV channel in Greater China. UUSee will broadcast live the opening ceremony, closing ceremony and all the important sporting action of the 2008 Olympic Games via the Internet in China.

"Since 2005 we have successfully collaborated with UUSee to broadcast TV content and distribute breaking news over the Internet," said Wenbin Wang, the General Manager of CCTV.com. "Expanding this partnership to include live broadcasting of the 2008 Olympic Games will be a major digital media milestone in the history of the Olympics."

"Broadcasting the 2008 Olympic Games is expected to give a huge boost to UUSee and Internet TV in China," added Mr. Zhu Li, CEO of UUSee. "Through our robust network platform, UUSee's nearly 100 million users will enjoy a reliable, smooth and clear online video experience."

In addition to the broadcasting rights for the Olympic Games, UUSee was recently awarded an Online Video Broadcasting License from SARFT -- China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television -- becoming one of the first online P2P video platforms to broadcast legally TV programs and video content via the Internet. Featuring the first product to add a video-search function to Internet TV, the newly released client platform, UUSee 2008, permits users to quickly find and record favorite video content from various online video sites and enjoy customized lag-free streaming video.

"With nearly 100 million users, UUSee is one of the largest web-based media companies in the world," said Dan Nova, General Partner at Highland Capital Partners and a board member of UUSee. "In many ways, China is more advanced in their adoption of technology than the U.S., and UUSee continues to revolutionize content delivery and online broadcasting in bringing the next generation of television to mainstream markets."

About UUSee

UUSee was founded in late 2004 by Zhu Li and Harold Liu, who today serve as the company's CEO and CTO, respectively. UUSee is the leading Internet TV and interactive broadcasting service operator in China with nearly 100 million users and annual sales last year of 10 million USD. The company provides live, online broadcasting from 150 TV channels, 750 customized channels, short-clip video-on-demand and downloading services to PC, mobile and Internet users. Through its partnerships with leading media content providers (such as CCTV, BTW, ESPN, etc.), UUSee provides its users with a vast library of licensed content ranging from TV drama, sports, entertainment programs to news and movies.


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