July 15, 2008

Snipitron Acquires OnlyWire.Com

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- SNiPiTRON, (http://www.snipitron.com/) the Social Research and Networking Platform, has completed the acquisition of OnlyWire.com, a "bookmarklet site" or bookmarking aggregation and syndication platform. This acquisition gives Snipitron's web based software enhanced functionality, new customers and an expanded end-user project portfolio. The transaction added over 53,000 registered users as well as more than one million citations or projects.

As a "bookmarklet," OnlyWire's technology doesn't actually save your "favorite" page. Users need to drag OnlyWire to their toolbar and when on a site that they want to save, hit the bookmark icon. By pre-registering your OnlyWire sign in name and password with the bookmarking sites you belong to, OnlyWire's technology will submit your favorite selections to all of those bookmarking sites.

SNiPiTRON is the first web-based global tool for the business user to capture information and share it with their network in a professional and easy to use format, bringing value to the web-based networking solutions. Enhanced with several strong features setting it apart from other solutions in the market, Snipitron addresses and solves several business marketing problems and enables people to collaborate globally on a more efficient basis. The Snipitron solution is turn-key making it easy for end users to instantly create their own Professional networking and collaboration platform. The company spent several years developing the application to be the best-of-breed and filed for trademark and patent protection to cover its intellectual property covering its brand and unique product functionality.

Key features of Snipitron's user interface and functionality include:

1. Networking -- a Professional Networking tool to create networks and easily communicate with clients, colleagues and friends, which can be public or private

2. File sharing -- web-based and desktop tools to capture and share information within one platform

3. E-mail marketing -- a tool to promote your services via email

4. My Page -- a customizable page that is unique to each user so they can promote who they are and what they do

5. Social Research -- users can collaborate on key information within their networks

6. And now, Bookmarking -- users can send their favorite sites to multiple bookmarking sites all at once.

"Snipitron is pleased to acquire OnlyWire.com, which will enhance professionals' use of Snipitron's technologies, including accessing files from a single point, sending MLS listings to a client interested in buying a home, newsletters blasted to customers, assigning projects, or sharing photos with friends," said Ryan Rouland, a Principal and Co-founder at Snipitron LLC. "This acquisition gave us great traction in preparation of the recent and official launch of our software. We are taking aggressive steps to enhance our position as a global leader in providing a feature-rich, turn-key solution aimed at professionals and social users," said Darren Guccione, a Co-founder of Snipitron, LLC. Through OnlyWire's technology, Snipitron users will now be able to bookmark their favorite sites and have them aggregated and syndicated to more than 17 bookmarking sites with one click."

Snipitron, which offers both free and paid versions, will also generate revenue through advertising fees with free users and licensing fees with its paid/premium users, who will be in an ad-free environment. The premium services will allow users more functionality and the user will pay for increased usage and storage.

-- Paid users will be charged a flat monthly fee (from $19.95 - $479.95) plus usage fees. Business users will use this tool as their primary research, project collaboration and marketing platform. It could replace their existing website and/or be their primary tool to communicate (email) and share information (file sharing) with their targeted user base -- i.e. employees, clients, colleagues, students, consumers, etc. Snipitron will target both the individual business user that wants to promote their service and communicate with their business network as well as large networks with our co-branded solution.

-- Free users will be primarily for business users who do not use this as their primary customer communication tool and/or social users (people who want to share files and communicate with their social network which could include classmates, friends, writers, etc.). Anyone who uses the web for any form of research or data sharing will benefit from Snipitron.

   For more information please visit http://www.snipitron.com/.    ABOUT SNIPITRON  

Snipitron, LLC realized the process of researching information online and sharing this information had become far too cumbersome and inefficient. The founders of the Company were tired of this and therefore as seasoned veterans in web-based software development, decided to build a service to solve these problems -- first, for themselves as an internal tool. Its global application, SNiPiTRON(R) is a service for business and social users who want to capture information and share it with their personal or professional network -- all on one easy-to-use platform.


CONTACT: Steve Massinello of Mass Communications Inc., +1-914-320-5455,[email protected], for Snipitron

Web site: http://www.snipitron.com/http://onlywire.com/