July 15, 2008

Mobile RSS Innovator Mobispine Acquires NewsAlloy, the First Rich Featured Web Based Feed Reader: Duo Will Disrupt RSS Reader Market With Combined Technologies

Mobispine AB (STO:MOBS) an aggregator of news and content for the Mobile Internet has acquired NewsAlloy one of the first rich featured Web based feed reader. Mobispine and NewsAlloy are both leading innovators in the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) space and the companies combined technologies and expertise will shake up the market and offer users a seamless product to view personalized news feeds on both mobile phones and PCs. Mobispine now has 300,000+ active mobile users per month and the acquisition of NewsAlloy will drive momentum and contribute to its goal of reaching 10 million users.

"The combination of Mobispine and NewsAlloy's technological prowess signals a change in the RSS space. Users no longer have to settle for the difficult-to-use RSS feeds that other vendors offer for PCs and mobile phones," said Dusyant Patel, CEO, Mobispine. "By joining forces with NewsAlloy, we can offer speedy and simple access to RSS feeds on both the PC and mobile phone. We believe all RSS users will find this technology a welcome change from current offerings. It is so simple to use that everyone from Tweens to Pensioners/Seniors will get a kick out of it."

Mobispine aggregates the web content and information transmitted by RSS feed offering users fast and cost effective access. Mobispine is free to download, so to start 'murfing' (mobile surfing) all users need is an Internet-enabled mobile phone.

In addition, Mobispine allows users to view Web content via mobile phone and to save datatime, this intelligent agent gets updated only when the news article or blog changes. The unique feed search function also ensures a quick, effortless experience when exploring all of the content on these feeds.

"The combination of Mobispine and NewsAlloy offers end-users the opportunity to use a killer application and experience a superior mobile and PC content aggregation service", said Volodymyr Danylyu, Founder, NewsAlloy. "NewsAlloy was one of the first RSS readers on the market and has built a loyal following. By combining our technologies with Mobispine we will take the concept of RSS feeds for mobile and PC users to the next level and deliver some of the fastest and easiest to use applications available."

NewsAlloy offers an extremely fast AJAX driven intuitive user interface requiring zero refresh time. It has an easy to use interface and combines unlimited news archiving with intuitive classical-style organization of folders and integration with popular social media sites. The service also offers default features like sharing, pinning, tags, key shortcuts, OPML import and mobile support.

About Mobispine

Mobispine is an easy to use, free mobile service that allows users to view web content on their mobile phone. It aggregates web content transmitted by RSS feeds. Users can personalize content by subscribing to existing feeds and by adding new feeds instantly.

For more information, visit: http://www.mobispine.com

About NewsAlloy

News Alloy is a free Web Based Feed Reader for discovering, reading, and sharing news and information. News Alloy lets you view information from a wide variety of news sources, special interest publications and blogs via RSS and Atom in an easy to use and manageable way via Web Based AJAX Driven GUI and Mobile/PDA enabled service. For more information, visit: http://www.newsalloy.com