July 15, 2008

Cemaphore Declares E-Mail Independence

In a move that expands the boundaries of E-mail Independence, Cemaphore Systems today announced availability of the Beta2 release of MailShadow(R) for Google Apps(TM) (MailShadowG), allowing organizations to move some or potentially all of their e-mail continuity and disaster recovery into the cloud, with zero infrastructure.

To date, more than 3,000 organizations from 98 countries around the world have signed up for the Beta program. The sign ups range from small to large organizations, including Global 500 companies that are evaluating MailShadowG. Beta2 participants can test MailShadowG for free with the option to purchase a license for $29.95 per user per year during Beta2. When the product is released for general availability the list price will be $49.95.

One reason cited by the Beta testers for their interest is the value delivered by MailShadowG. Cemaphore has set a new benchmark for delivering cost-effective, efficient and reliable Microsoft Exchange continuity.

Following today's Beta2 release, general availability is expected in Q3 2008. While Cemaphore limited the participation and distribution of Beta1, the Beta2 release is open to all who submit an application.

MailShadowG is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that provides real-time synchronization of email, calendars and contacts between Outlook, Exchange and Gmail(TM), contacts and Google Calendar(TM). MailShadowG provides consumers, small businesses and enterprises with "Continuity in the Cloud":

-- Bi-directional, real-time synchronization between Exchange and Google: MailShadow provides bi-directional, real-time synchronization of the key messaging data types: E-mail, Calendar and Contacts.

-- MailShadowG provides e-mail continuity when Exchange is unavailable: Users can send and receive e-mail from Outlook through Gmail when their Exchange service is unavailable.

-- MailShadowG provides disconnected access to Gmail, contacts and Google Calendar: MailShadowG caches Google message content in Outlook for offline operations.

-- Portability of messaging content: MailShadowG enables safe, sound migration from Exchange to Google or Google to Exchange.

-- Rapid deployment for individuals and IT departments: MailShadowG is a single user Outlook Add-in that installs in 5 minutes with message content protection commencing immediately.

"Cloud computing is the next step in terms of enabling business continuity for both the enterprise and the mobile professional," said Philippe Winthrop, Research Director for Strategy Analytics (www.strategyanalytics.com). "Solutions, such as MailShadowG, which offer the ability to access your e-mail, calendar and contacts (some of the most important data a professional uses) from any system, including a mobile device, can significantly improve the flexibility and ultimate productivity of a mobile worker."

"With more than six years' experience in the e-mail continuity and disaster recovery business, we are extremely proud to be leading the charge in moving the industry to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model that will allow SMBs, consumers, and enterprises of all sizes to provide e-mail continuity in the cloud to their users," said Tyrone Pike, Cemaphore President and CEO. "This is a critical milestone, and we intend to continue to develop additional cloud-based messaging services."

Following today's launch of MailShadowG, Cemaphore has also reiterated its commitment to develop and release messaging continuity solutions for other major e-mail service providers.

About Cemaphore Systems, Inc.

Cemaphore Systems delivers real-time e-mail continuity, disaster recovery and content management for enterprises that demand greater uptime for their e-mail systems. Able to synchronize e-mail, calendars and contacts from disparate systems, Cemaphore's flagship product, MailShadow, ensures the availability, integrity and reliability of e-mail. A companion product, GeoShadow(TM), indexes and archives unstructured e-mail content, enabling instant retrieval of e-mail content and attachments from mobile devices. Cemaphore's new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering lets companies link Microsoft Outlook to external e-mail service providers like Google, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure. Global enterprises trust Cemaphore to keep business-critical systems running.

For additional information, please call (650) 227-5400 or visit the company's Web site at www.cemaphore.com.

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