July 16, 2008

TB Selects iDirect Platform to Offer GSM Satellite Backhaul in Venezuela

VT iDirect, a company of VT Systems and provider of satellite-based IP communications technology, has announced that Telecomunicaciones Bantel has installed a network of iDirect Series 3000 remote satellite routers, enabling Corporacion Digitel, a cellular operator in Venezuela, to expand cellular access within Venezuela by backhauling GSM traffic over satellite.

According to iDirect, its solution lowers bandwidth requirements and guarantees voice quality through advanced traffic optimization capabilities. Service providers can pool bandwidth across multiple sites on a shared IP time division multiple access network and allocate it to each base tower system based on its immediate bandwidth requirements.

For Digitel, the iDirect network will serve as an alternative to microwave backhaul systems that require greater operating and capital investments.

Ricardo Otaola, president of Telecomunicaciones Bantel (TB), said: "Current microwave backhaul systems require a hub every 50 miles. In Venezuela, this isn't cost-effective because the distance between sites often exceeds 700 miles. With iDirect, we have now brought a viable solution to market and signed our first customer. This is a major accomplishment for us."