July 16, 2008

Search Austin Real Estate By Central Texas School District

AUSTIN, Texas, July 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Austin Referral Realty (ARR) has introduced a new way for families to search for their next home. The Austin real estate firm has poured countless hours into taking current Austin MLS listings and developing individual pages for over 10 Central Texas School Districts. The searches include Austin MLS Listings syndicated through hundreds of real estate brokers across the Austin area.

At http://www.austinreferralrealty.com/, each school district is divided further into appropriate elementary, middle, and high school pages. The Austin ISD real estate section alone has over 133 schools (including 77 elementary schools) containing only properties for sale within the school campus boundaries. The information is, by no means, guaranteed. It's only as good as the Realtor entering it through the Austin MLS. If you ever question the real estate information you find online, it's always a good idea to verify for yourself or ask your Realtor.

Over 80% of buyers begin their home search on the Internet according to the latest statistics from the National Association of Realtors(R). From the same study, 23% of online buyers indicate that the school district is the primary reason for choosing a location to purchase a home. Children's education needs and age play a major role in every family move. Most families make their housing decisions within the first 2 years of having their first child. Interesting, only 18% of families with kids in kindgarten and up have no plans to move anytime soon. But you do not need statistics for proof that education and schools play a major role in every parents decision when is comes time to consider location. Sites such as ARR's school search help consumers find homes in their desired location that much faster.

"Not only do we want to provide school searches with real estate listings, our goal is to provide a resource for each school campus so our visitors get the information they need," said Ronnie Bredahl, real estate broker and webmaster of Austin Referral Realty, Inc. The site currently contains information about each district including address, phone number, fax number, and the latest Texas Accountability Ratings. Easily navigation and clean design adds to the site's appeal.

Realtors around the country are starting to pay attention to how home buyers search online for real estate listings. The days of digging around for homes within "XYZ elementary school" are gone. A complete list of current homes for sale within the school district you seek are just a click away.

Visit http://www.austinreferralrealty.com/ to for a complete list of Central Texas School District real estate searches.

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