July 16, 2008

Inetium Helps Customers With the Upcoming Release of Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 Implementations

Inetium, a leading Microsoft Gold Certified partner, announces its Accelerated Deployment Program for Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008. As Microsoft launches this new product in the fall of 2008, Inetium has developed a program to help organizations get started quickly and more effectively. This product targets organizations with approximately 75 to 250 users, a customer segment Inetium is familiar with due to over 200 Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) implementations it has conducted over the course of the past four years.

"The Microsoft Essential Business Server is an exciting product for organizations that have either outgrown their Microsoft Small Business Server implementation or are looking to deploy Microsoft Exchange2007 in their environment," states Ryan Toenies, VP of CRM and Infrastructure at Inetium. "Companies are looking for efficiencies with technology investments. This new product along with our deployment offering will allow organizations to optimize their technical infrastructure with a simpler, cost effective solution."

Essential Business Server combines software for management, messaging and security features into one integrated server solution that dramatically reduces IT complexity and improves efficiency across the business, putting IT in control. By combining Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, SQL Server 2008 and other Microsoft products and services, these solutions make the benefits of enterprise-class IT accessible, affordable and simpler for smaller organizations.

Inetium has had early access to this product through two exclusive initiatives including participation in a Microsoft-sponsored Essential Business Server 2008 Technology Adoption Program and an Advisory Council on Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008. Inetium is well-positioned to provide customers with early and deep expertise on the product. Inetium's Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 Accelerated Deployment Program so that companies can:

-- Quickly assess the migration path from their current environment to Microsoft Essential Business Server

-- Get their new environment operational more quickly by leveraging Inetium's experience

-- Increase understanding and acceptance of the server solution through tailored training

The Five Step Program:

Step one - Discovery. Inetium will talk to key technical business users to understand their current technical infrastructure and requirements.

Step two - System Design. Using the information uncovered and documented in the Discovery phase, Inetium will design the new environment for the Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008.

Step three - System Implementation. Inetium will install and configure all settings on the server as agreed to the System Design. This would include email, database, security and networking scenarios.

Step four - System Review. Before going live, Inetium will meet with the client to review the Microsoft Essential Business Server 2008 configuration and finalize deliverables.

Step five - Training and Go Live. Inetium will train technical resources to ensure a complete understanding of the new implementation to ensure the client's successful independent management.

Inetium has used this methodology successfully with hundreds of clients on various technologies in the past five years.

About Inetium

Inetium, www.inetium.com, is an award-winning Microsoft Gold Certified partner. Headquartered in Bloomington, Minnesota, Inetium provides technology consulting services to organizations of all size throughout the United States. Inetium is committed to increasing people and organizational productivity by providing IT planning services, customer relationship management (CRM), business productivity, IT infrastructure, web strategies and real estate technology solutions. Inetium maximizes the value of its customers' technology investments by helping them properly align their business and technology goals.