July 17, 2008

14 More Push-to-Talk Markets for Sprint? Palringo Chats in All US Markets With Voice, Text, and Image

As Sprint announces the launch of its QChat push-to-talk service in another 14 U.S. markets, another company has quietly - and freely - been providing a similar service that is available across the U.S.

With offices in New York and London, Palringo offers "vocal instant messaging" or push-to-talk that - unlike Sprint's QChat - works across most mobile platforms and is independent of network operators. What's more, Palringo's walkie-talkie style chat is part of a broader, richer messaging offer: It shares text and photos as well as voice. It works anywhere there is a data network and across the popular IM services such as AOL's AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Google Talk, through one simple, unified interface. It works on all smartphones, Pocket PC, PC, Mac(R),and Blackberry(R), and the list of compatible devices is growing.

Like Sprint's Direct Connect and its newer QChat, Palringo lets the user set up groups and communicate to all members at once. But Palringo accepts an unlimited number of groups and group sizes (Direct Connect is limited to 20 members). Also unlike Sprint's service, Palringo is free for the download at www.palringo.com and does not charge for usage - or limit recipients to those on the same wireless network.

"Sprint's announcement is not really a good deal for consumers. Fundamentally, it's still a walled garden," says Kerry Ritz, Palringo CEO. "In the 21st century, customers don't want to be locked into handsets, networks, or platforms. They want to communicate with their friends and colleagues on their cool Razrs or Nokias, or whatever strikes their fancy. Palringo offers consumers the flexibility that Sprint doesn't offer."

Please contact Sue Huss for more details and to schedule interviews around a service that universalizes push-to-talk and creates a new rich messaging service. For more information, visit www.palringo.com.