July 17, 2008

ZOE Creative Services LLC. Panel Discussion — “Has the Internet Killed the Video Star?”

ZOE Creative Services LLC. Announces a Panel Discussion on the eve of the 27th Anniversary of the launch of MTV. Music Television, as we have known it since the launch of MTV, is rapidly losing advertising revenue and viewership to Internet Music Services and membership affinity portals.

 OUR DISTINGUISHED PANEL: Tori Kyes, Panel Moderator -- Project Launch Coordinator, myAWOL.com     http://myawol.podbean.com/ -- Acclaimed film and television producer Vlad Lodzinski -- Director and Founder, MyAWOL.com     http://myawol.podbean.com/ -- Formerly MTV Launch Director: European Regions Ken Russell -- CEO, ZOE Creative Services, LLC     http://www.zoecreative.com -- Co-Founder, The Nexus Group, Inc.     http://www.nxs.net -- Director, ConduIT Corporation - Business Incubator     www.conduitcorporation.com -- CEO, CommunityHarbor.com - Community Media and Broadband Infrastructure     www.communityharbor.com Roger Hodges -- Executive Producer, FireFly Film & Video     http://www.fireflyfilmvideo.com -- President, Association for the Future of Film & Television     http://www.affttennessee.org 

This group of international panelists discuss the challenges of investing in music video production and music video entertainment services as advertising sponsors begin to shift ad placements from traditional television programming to Internet based alternatives, highlighting the power being wielded by the mass of viewers, as they shift to viewing and purchasing music and music videos online and how this is likely to affect future investments in entertainment media. While all of the panelists have invested in innovative music video businesses, their firsthand knowledge of emerging Internet based alternative media from Nashville (Music City USA) to Los Angeles, to the European Continent provides a glimpse of a rapid paradigm shift that signals a shift of large investments into some very exciting new ventures.

 Podcast Available at: www.iTunes.com, www.myawol.com and www.podbean.com as myAWOL's Music Insider NewsTalk: Episode 6 






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SOURCE: ZOE Creative Services LLC.